A Self-Indulgent Book leads to an Absolutely Dreadful Film

People who live in glass houses should shut the fuck up.

Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is a terrible film directed by Steven Speilberg. Do not see it.

About the Book

Ready Player One is a Science Fiction Novel by American writer Ernest Cline. The story follows a teenage boy, Wade, as his alter ego in the virtual world, Parzivel. The story mainly takes pleace in the virtual reality world of the OASIS, a multiplayer online game that has taken over as the place where people spend most of their time, with infinite world to see and infinite things to do, such as go to school as Wade does.

The main story thread follows the contest to find the easter egg in the OASIS. James Halliday, the OASIS creator, upon his death, announces a contest to win his entire estate and control of the OASIS, by finding 3 keys and his hidden easter egg. The hunt has been going on for 5 years at the start of the book, with a large evil corporation, IOI, hunting with nefarious purpose, in hopes of turning the OASIS into a much darker place for everyone.

Wade must join forces with 4 of his well “Gunter’s” (Egg Hunters) to stop IOI and their plan to win the hunt, and keep the OASIS safe and just for those all over the world who use its worlds as an escape for their miserable lives.

About the Author

Ernest Cline was the author of this book. He hasn’t written many books, apart from a poorly reviewed follow up to this title “Armada”, which sounds like an Ender’s Game copy. He has a sequal to this book on it’s way, which i am very looking forward to, not to spoil anything.

My Review

The world of “the OASIS” was laid out very well in this book. The idea of a vast numbers of worlds, each available for anyone to explore (should they have the money) is an invinting one that feels like something that everyone would want to do, should it exist in reality. The protonist Wade being stuck in the “free to play” area of the school, before making his money hunting the egg and getting free reign of the whole game world, is a power fantasy of gaining ultimate control over ones destiny, which many people can relate to. The book has very little deeper meaning, the ending tries to add a lesson to be learned at the end, but the author made the virtual world so inviting and the real world so terrible, the message fell flat.

The romance between Wade and Art3mis is the cringiest thing you will ever read, human relationships being one thing this author seemed to really lack in when writing these characters. Apart from Wade and Aech, the relationships didn’t seem realistic at all. Wade and Art3mis exchanged super cringey messages, that i almost wanted to skip reading. I had to take a few attempts to read a full 2 page spread of their conversations where Wade declared his love for her despite never meeting. It was vomit inducing please never do it again Mr Cline, for god sake.

The book was an easy read, with incredibly small text in the book. The story was simple, with the 3 keys narratve and easy one to follow, and on where you really want to know what will happen next, but also where you think “In 5 years this billion dollar company hasn’t found any of the keys, how’s some hillbilly kid in a fan meant to find it oh look whopps his aunts dead yolo”. Thats exactly what you’ll all be thinking. Word for word.

The book is basically just pop culture reference after another, but it made sense in the story due to the nature of the game they were playing, and some of the detail was so in depth and obscure that the author must have been a real loser to know ll of it. Or just done alot of research, who knows.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was fun, easy to read, and even if the romance was the cringiest thing i’ve ever read, i might re read it again one day, to try and erase whatever that film of the same name was even trying to be. Don’t watch it it’s really bad.

3/5/5 stars, the words on the page were typed well.

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