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Hamish Woodward

Umaga with referee Charles Robinson before his last match in WWE, against CM Punk

Umaga’s Last Match In WWE Was Against CM Punk

Umaga wrestled his last WWE match against CM Punk, just days before being fired from the company. With news of Umaga’s son finally entering the wrestling business, we look back at the final WWE match of the legendary Umaga. From his debut to his final bout, few wrestlers have terrified the WWE audience as much ...

Hamish Woodward

The Shortest Matches In AEW History Revealed

AEW is known for its epic main event matches, but has also had its fair share of some of the shortest matches in wrestling. While most wrestling fans love to see lengthy and hard-fought battles, sometimes the shortest matches can be just as exciting. In this article, we’ll be ranking the top 5 shortest matches ...

Stewart Harper

Every Time MJF Has Lost In AEW, Revealed

MJF has become the biggest star in AEW, and currently holds the AEW Championship in his first reign. He has been one of the fastest rising stars over the years, as well as one of the most successful in AEW. You can probably count all of his losses in your head, showing just how few ...

Hamish Woodward

That Time Donald Trump Bought WWE and Investors Freaked Out

At this point, everybody knows that wrestling isn’t real, and things that happen on the TV shows shouldn’t be taken seriously. When corpses are defiled, babies punted into the crowd or characters die on screen, everybody knows that its just a TV show (well, almost). However, when Donald Trump showed up on a 2009 episode ...

Hamish Woodward

Every Title Mr McMahon Won In The WWE, Ranked

Despite not making his debut in the ring until he was 52 years old, Vince McMahon will go down as one of the all-time greats. The chairman of the WWE has battled many controversies over his career, but he always gave his all when it came to battling in the ring. Mr McMahon had a ...

Hamish Woodward

Jamie Hayter Wrestled 1 WWE Match Before Being Rejected

Many fans know Jamie Hayter from her dominating run as the AEW Women’s Champion, they may not know that she once wrestled in the WWE. When I say “once”, I don’t mean “had a brief run”. Jamie Hayter had exactly one match in the WWE, before never being seen again. It seems very strange that ...

Hamish Woodward

Logan Paul’s Best Matches In The WWE, Revealed

Logan Paul has been one of the biggest shocks in WWE since his debut. The Youtube star debuted in the WWE at WrestleMania 38, shocking the world with an incredible performance in a tag team match in his first match. He since went from strength-to-strength, improving every match at supersonic speed. Whilst he doesn’t wrestle ...

Hamish Woodward

Chris Benoit Made WWE Debut After Winning WCW Championship

Chris Benoit made his WWE debut in the year 2000, marking one of the most controversial jumps to the company in the Attitude Era. He forfeited a run with the WCW Championship to join Vince McMahon’s company, only to be flung to the midcard after an admittedly great debut. Fans fondly remember seeing the former ...

Hamish Woodward

What If Eddie Guerrero Didn’t Die In 2005?

Eddie Guerrero died in 2005 at the age of 38, in a moment that changed the wrestling world forever. On November 13, Eddie was found in an unconscious state at the Marriott Hotel City Center in Minneapolis. He was discovered by Chavo Guerrero, his nephew who was raised like a brother during the pairs’ childhoods, ...

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