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Hamish Woodward

The Gunn Club (Billy, Colten and Austin Gunn) standing on stage at AEW Dynamite

The Gunn Club Comment On AEW Tag Team Title Victory

On AEW Dynamite on Wednesday, The Gunn Club shocked the world by beating The Acclaimed for the AEW Tag Team Championships. The sibling duo of Colten and Austin Gunn used the title belts to hit their opponents in the head before pinning Anthony Bowens to win their first championships in AEW. The win came very ...

Hamish Woodward

Matt Morgan Was Planned To Be Kane’s Brother In WWE

Matt Morgan was originally meant to debut in WWE as the third Brother of Destruction, and feud with his on-screen brother Kane as the biblically-named Abel. Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, former WWE star Matt Morgan, former WWE and TNA star Matt Morgan was asked about the rumours that he was meant ...

Hamish Woodward

Kevin Owens Asked Steve Austin To Use The Stunner In WWE

Sine his debut in NXT in 2014, Kevin Owens used the Pop-Up Powerbomb exclusively as his finisher for a number of years. It was a versatile move that could be hit on anyone, from anywhere and embodied his character of a sadistic fighter perfectly. Kevin Owens finisher helped him to become a world champion in ...

Hamish Woodward

Eric Bischoff Reveals Why He Split Up The NWO

During a recent episode of 83 Weeks, former WCW boss Eric Bischoff spoke candidly about the decision to split up the NWO and form The Wolfpac. He revealed that the NWO storyline was stalling and that there had been little progression with the group for months. He revealed that the idea came from Kevin Nash, who ...

Hamish Woodward

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose posing in a wwe ring

Jey Uso Was The First Man To Pin Roman Reigns

While he has held the WWE and Universal Championships for nearly three years, it’s easy to forget ever seeing Roman Reigns being pinned in the WWE. The Tribal Chief has been protected more than anybody in wrestling for the past 20 years and is now the undisputed final boss of the WWE. He debuted at ...

Hamish Woodward

Jay White Leaves NJPW

Jay White has been kicked out of NJPW. The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion lost a a “loser leaves NJPW” match to Hikuleo at New Begginings in Osaka. Ita llikely Jay White will sign with AEW or WWE. Hamish WoodwardHamish is a writer and podcaster and wrestling fan who is a key part of the ...

Hamish Woodward

Is Kota Ibushi Gay

Kota Ibushi Is Interested In Working With WWE

Former NJPW star Kota Ibushi has revealed that he would be “interested in” working with the WWE in the future. The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion was asked about if he’d rule out signing for the WWE when speaking with Dark Puroresu Flowsion. Kota Ibushi said about signing for WWE: “Of course, I’m interested in it. ...

Hamish Woodward

Alex Riley Beat Chris Jericho To Role On Netflix’s “GLOW”

Alex Riley has revealed that he fought off The Miz and Chris Jericho for a bit-part role in the Netflix original series GLOW. The show centred around the all-female promotion from the 1980s, named the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW. In the show, Alex Rily played “Steel Horse”, a pro-wrestler who had intimate relations ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Hulk Hogan Be At Wrestlemania 39?

Hulk Hogan retired from wrestling in 2013 after wrestling his last match in TNA, and is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but will WWE fans see Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 39? Will Hulk Hogan Be At Wrestlemania 39? It is likely that Hulk Hogan will be at Wrestlemania 39. The WWE like ...

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