Kevin Owens as NXT Champion

Kevin Owens NXT Journey From Debut To Championship

If the WWE create an NXT Hall of Fame, Kevin Owens is the first inductee. He revolutionised the promotion when he debuted in 2015 and turned the whole thing on his head. Kevin Owens is regarded by many as the greatest NXT Champion of all time, holding the belt once during his short but memorable … Read more
Christian as the ECW Champion

Why Christian Wasn’t The Last ECW Champion, Explained

Christian joined WWE in 2009 as a shock debut on ECW. The former Tag Team Champion had been a huge star in TNA outside of the WWE after leaving the company in 2005 and returned to huge fanfare, despite being on the third brand. He helped elevate the brand with some of his best ever … Read more
Why did Edge Retire from injury

Edge Reveals Hating Matt Hardy Storyline With Lita

In 2005 one of the biggest scandals in wrestling played out in front of our very eyes on TV. He feud between Matt Hardy and Edge over the latter’s affair with Lita was one of the most heated feuds in wrestling history, and for one good reason – it was real. Matt Hardy and Team … Read more

Why Kane More A Mask In The WWE, Explained

WWE Hall of Famer Kane is one of the most recognisable wrestlers of all time. His red mask and red & black suit were iconic and made him one of the most terrifying wrestlers in history. When he debuted during the first Hell in a Cell match and ripped the door off the cell, fans … Read more
Tyler Breeze and his Wife Audrey Marie on their wedding day in September 2016

Which Wrestler Tyler Breeze Is Married To, Revealed

It may come as a shock to some, but NXT Alumni Tyler Breeze is married and has a wife! Tyler Breeze is a former WWE superstar who was last seen on the roster as early as 2021. He was part of an incredibly popular tag team alongside Fandango, known as “The Fashion Police”. The duo … Read more

The Chris Jericho Problem: We Need To Talk About Le Champion

Chris Jericho is a legend of the wrestling ring. He is seriously considered in the conversation for the greatest wrestler of all time, with his 30 year canon of work matching up to any other wrestler in history. He has wrestled all over the world, working for all the top companies in the United States, … Read more

Rhea Ripley Before WWE Was Completely Different To Now

2023 Royal Rumble Rhea Ripley is quickly becoming one of the most popular women on the WWE roster. Her performances alongside Dominik Mysterio in recent months have drawn her comparisons to WWE Hall of Famer Chyna, with many fans wanting to see he wrestle some of the male WWE wrestlers. As a former Raw Women’s … Read more

Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Last Match In WWE, Explained

Did you know what Jerry “The King” Lawler’s last match was? Keep reading to find out what happened, how the ending all went horribly wrong and discover if he is finally retired from wrestling. Jerry Lawler Last Match In WWE Jerry Lawler’s last WWE match took place in the Centre Bell in Montreal, Quebec, Canada … Read more
CM Punk during his Five Star Match against John Cena

CM Punk’s Five Star Matches Rated (According To Dave Meltzer)

CM Punk will go down in history as one of the greatest (and most controversial) wrestlers of all time, putting on multiple 5 star matches and ruffling even more features during his incredible career. CM Punk’s Five Star Matches Now, we will look at of CM Punk’s five star matches. He was awarded the five-star … Read more

John Morrison Praises Bad Bunny For Wrestlemania Match

Bad Bunny impressed millions of people when he stepped into the ring at Wrestlemania 37 for one of the best celebrity matches in WWE history. While Logan Paul may have surpassed him as the greatest celebrity wrestler of all time, all eyes were on worldwide recording artist Bad Bunny when he stepped into the WWE … Read more

Chris Benoit Used Finisher To Kill His Son

Chris Benoit used his wrestling finisher move to kill his son on the weekend of his double-murder suicide of his family and then himself. The former World Heavyweight Champion was beloved across the wrestling world prior to the horrific events on June 24th, 2007. The bodies of the Benoit family were discovered that night, including … Read more
Michelle McCool at the 2023 Royal Rumble

Throwback To Michelle McCool’s Last Match In WWE

Michelle McCool is in the running for the greatest WWE Diva of all time and her accolades speak for themselves. She won all the titles available to her and had one of the greatest all-diva teams in WWE history, teaming with Layla as LayCool. In this article, we will look at Michelle McCool’s last match … Read more

It’s Been 27 Years Since Chris Jericho’s WCW Debut

Chris Jericho has wrestled in all the biggest companies in the world. His career has led him to the main event of huge promotions like WWE, NJPW and AEW. However, he first became a big stat with his performances in the cruiserweight division in WCW. This eventually earned him his move to WWE where he would … Read more
Drew McIntyre sitting on the ring with the WWE Championship

Every British WWE Champion In History, Ranked

British WWE Champions Drew McIntyre made history on at Wrestlemania 36 when he became the first British wrestler to become WWE Champion. He won the legendary championship in 2020 from Brock Lesnar in the main event of Wrestlemania, albeit in front of zero fans due to COVID 19. With his victory he became the first ever Briton to … Read more

How Do WWE Wrestlers Not Get Hurt?

Professional wrestling can be a dangerous business, with wrestlers being injures and even dying inside the ring. However, the vast majority of matches end without the WWE wrestlers being hurt and both stars walk out unscathed. But how do WWE wrestlers not get hurt in the ring? In this article, we’ll answer that question as … Read more
Brock Anderson In AEW

Brock Anderson Needs To Leave AEW Once His Contract Expires

Brock Anderson’s AEW contract expires soon and it looks like he could be on his way out of the company alongside his father when it comes to an end. Brock Anderson’s Contract Expires In May 2023 Brock Anderson could be leaving AEW in May this year. His AEW contract is reportedly up in May 2023 … Read more
Cody Rhodes on the ropes after hearing his wwe entrance theme say "Wrestling Has More Than One Royal Family"

Who Is In Cody Rhodes “Wrestling Royal Family”?

Wrestling has more than one Royal Family. The prelude to Cody Rhodes entrance theme in both WWE and AEW is an interesting one. It begins with his voice echoing the immortal words about wrestling have more than one royal family. Some may be confused at the idea of a Royal Family. In the real world, … Read more
Samoa Joe before his debut match in NXT

Exploring Samoa Joe’s First & Last WWE Matches

Samoa Joe wrestled for the WWE between 2015 and 2021, with 6 years between his first and last match. He won the NXT Championship three times and is a former United States Champion, even though he had the talent to have multiple WWE Championships if Vince McMahon put his faith in the Samoan Submission Machine. … Read more
Samoa Joe celebrates as the TNT and ROH Television Champion

What Happened To Samoa Joe After Being Fired TWICE By WWE?

Samoa Joe may be the biggest “Dropped ball” in WWE history. A big man who could fly like a cruiserweight, had believable offence and was elite on the mic, it’s a mystery how he was not a multi-time WWE Champion and a first ballot hall of famer. Joe proved to everyone in TNA, ROH and … Read more
Chris Jericho on his ECW Debut against Pitbull

27 Years Ago Chris Jericho Debuted In ECW

Chris Jericho has wrestled in all the biggest companies in the world. His career has led him to the main event of huge promotions like WWE, WCW, NJPW and AEW. However, his career in the United States really took off when he debuted in ECW in 1996, brining Chris Jericho to the fans of the … Read more

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