WWE 2K22 Every Legend on the Roster revealed

WWE 2K22 recently made some big reveals. The games trailer was revealed and showed Rey Mysterio as the star of the game. It also showed a huge graphical improvement and looks so, so much better than the previous game, which came out three years ago.

WWE has also revealed the legends in the game, and the legends available for WWE 2K22 via DLC. So far, 25 legends and hall of famers have been revealed as part of WWE 2K22, including as part of the NWO DLC pack, expected to be released post game launch.

Here is every legend currently revealed as part of WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 Legends Atletifo
WWE 2K22 Legends Atletifo

Booker T

Booker T is announced as one of the legends in WWE 2K22. Booker T, also known as King Bookah, is a 6 time former World Champion in WCW and WWE and also had a stint in TNA in the late 2000s. He has been a fixture in the WWE series of games for many years, and is also a two time hall of famer. He was inducted both as a singles competitor and as part of the tag team Harlem Heat.

Big Boss Man


The legendary former Women’s Champion Chyna is announced for WWE 2K22. Chyna is the only woman to ever win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in WWE and is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time.

Eddie Guerrero

The late Eddie Guerrero is a popular addition to the WWE 2K22 roster. The Mexican-American wrestler was a former WWE Champion before his death in 2005, and also wrestled in WCW and ECW, as well as across Japan and Mexico.

Eric Bischoff

Former head of WCW Eric Bischoff is another addition to the WWE 2K22 roster of legends. “Easy E” helped run WCW well enough to beat WWE in the ratings for 83 weeks in the mid 1990s, and also had stints in WWE as the general manager of Raw. It is unknown if Eric Bischoff will be a playable character or a manager, and will be part of the “NWO-4-Lyf” edition.


Former WCW and WWE Champion Goldberg is making his way to WWE 2K22. Goldberg has featured in the last few editions of the game as was always likely to be included. He was also an active competitor in WWE up until this year, when he lost to Bobby Lashley in Saudi Arabia. It is unknown if the game will include both current day Goldberg and Modern day Goldberg in WWE 2K22.

Hollywood Hogan

The WCW version of Hulk Hogan will be included in WWE 2K22. He will be included as part of the NWO-4-Lyf DLC pack, and will be inspired by late 1990s Hulk Hogan. At this time he was the leader of the NWO and won the WCW Championship until he was defeated by Sting at Starrcade 1997.

Hulk Hogan

Another version of Hulk Hogan will be included in WWE 2K22. It is unknown which version of the Hulkster will be included in WWE 2K22, and it is likely that it will be the 1980s version of the character

John Cena

While fans still ask when John Cena is returning to WWE, we can admit that he is not currently an active wrestler and is a legend of WWE. Cena was confirmed as a member of the WWE 2K22 roster, and the 16 time world champion will likely be one of the highest rated wrestlers on the roster.


The Devil’s Favourite Demon is another addition to the games roster. Kane has been included in every video game since his debut and is a firm favourite addition to the roster. It is unknown which version of Kane will be included, but fans will want to see current day Kane, unmasked Kane and Kane from the Attitude Era too.

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash will be included in WWE 2K22 as a member of the legends roster. It is unknown whether he will be included as WWE Champion Diesel, or his WCW character under his real name of Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash (NWO)

Randy Savage

Rey Mysterio (1996)

The 1996 edition of Rey Mysterio is a legend addition to WWE 2K22. It is included as part of the Rey Mysterio showcase included in the game, and is based on his Starrcade 1996 attire. It is likely that due to this, his opponent for that show, Jushin Thunder Liger, will also be included. However, that is yet to be confirmed.

Ric Flair

16 time world champion Ric Flair is in WWE 2K22. Fans were worried about Flair’s inclusion due to recent controversies relating to the “Plane Ride from Hell”. However, he has been included and fans will be able to enjoy playing with the Nature Boy this match.

Scott Hall

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Scott Hall is confirmed to be part of the legends roster. Hall was known as Razor Ramon in WWE but it is unknown which name he will be known as on the in-game roster.

Scott Hall (NWO)

The NWO edition of Scott Hall is included in the NWO-4-Lyf edition of the game. It is based on the late 1990s edition of the character who was a founding member of the New World Order in WCW. He was the only founding member to not win the WCW Championship.

Shawn Michaels

One of the best wrestlers of all time is Shawn Michaels and he will be included in WWE 2K22. He is a former WWE Champion and was a part of most of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time. It is unknown which version of HBK will be included, as he had many distinct points of his career.


Syxx, AKA X-Pac AKA Sean Waltman is a part of the WWE 2K22 roster. It is currently rumoured that Sean Waltman will return to WWE in the 2022 Royal Rumble, and could be the reason for his inclusion in the game.

Syxx (NWO)

The NWO version of Syxx will be included in the game.

The Rock

Hollywood Star and WWE legend is another inclusion into this years game. WWE had lots of critisism for the Rock’s appearance on last years game, and seems to have been fixed for this years edition of this game.

Triple H

Triple H is another legend included in WWE 2K22. The Game has currently lost his spot as the head of NXT, and fans have been asking if Triple H is retired for a while now. However, he will still be playable on the game.

Ultimate Warrior

Former WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior is included in the games legends roster. Warrior has been in every mainstream WWE game since his return to the promotion in 2014, despite his untimely death just after his hall of fame induction.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker will once again be included into the WWE game. He has yet to miss a game to be included in and is always a fan favourite. A return to the “Beat the Streak” mode from WWE 2K14 would be a huge plus for fans, although unlikely to be included.

The Undertaker (Lord of Darkness)

The Undertaker Lord of Darkness character will be included in the game. It is part of the “Undertaker Immortal Pack” and will be based on the Ministry of Darkness character from the attitude era. It is likely the Ministry of Darkness theme will also be included into the game.

The Undertaker (Phantom Mask)

This version of the Undertaker has been announced as part of the special “Undertaker Immortal Pack”. This Undertaker is based on his look from 1995. It features his classic black and purple attire with addition of the “Phantom Mask” he wore at the time. This was due to a broken orbital bone suffered during a match against Mabel, also known as Viscera and Big Daddy V.

The Undertaker (Boneyard Match)

This The Undertaker character has also been announced as part of the special “Undertaker Immortal Pack”. This Undertaker is based on his attire and model from Wrestlemania 36 in 2020. It is the attire he wore in his final match, which was the cinematic “Boneyard Match” against AJ Styles from Wrestlemania 36

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