NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom Was Named After A Video Game

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest show of the year is called Wrestle Kingdom, and is the Japanese equivalent of WWE’s WrestleMania event every year. Taking place on January 4th every year (although some years added a second night of action on January 5th), it is considered the biggest night in wrestling for many fans. Some … Read more

Giant Ochiai Died During Fatal Training Session With Kenzo Suzuki

One of the most shocking and tragic wrestler deaths was the passing of Giant Ochiai during a training session with Kenzo Suzuki in Japan. The … Read more

Steve Austin Blamed Owen Hart For Him “Never Walking Again” After Horrific Injury

In 1997, Owen Hart dropped Steve Austin on his head while attempting a sit-down tombstone piledriver. This snapped his neck in two, costing Austin years … Read more

Shingo Tagaki Had To Shave His Head For Abusing A Monkey In Dragon Gate

In 2009, Japanese wrestling was shocked when the ritual abuse of a pet monkey was revealed to be rife throughout Dragon Gate. The wrestling promotion … Read more

The Butcher Wrestled Jon Moxley In A Forgotten AEW Championship Match

An AEW World Championship match is usually a special sight in All Elite Wrestling. They don’t happen often, but when they do, it is usually … Read more

33 Million People Saw The Most-Watched WWE Match Ever

Nowadays, WWE would be thrilled if Monday Night Raw pulled in 2 million viewers for their weekly show. AEW would kill for a consistent one … Read more

Top 10 Sting’s Best Matches In AEW Ranked

Sting recently announced his retirement from wrestling, with his last match being held at AEW Revolution 2024. It will be three years after his debut … Read more

Dave Meltzer Reported Fake Dragon Gate Information In Hoax Scandal

Ever since he began reporting on wrestling with the creation of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 1983, Dave Meltzer has been one of the most … Read more

How To Watch Wrestle Kingdom 18 In The UK

Wrestle Kingdom 18 is the biggest show of the year for New Japan Pro Wrestling, with fans already excited for the next addition into the … Read more

Brad Maddox Was Fired Immediately After His Last Match In The WWE

Brad Maddox was fired by Vince McMahon immediately after losing his last match in the WWE, ending a seven-year stint with the company. Since signing … Read more

Greatest Gaijin Wrestlers In Japanese Wrestling History

In Japanese wrestling, the word “Gaijin” is used to describe any foreign wrestlers. The term literally means “foreigner” or “outsider”, although it generally to anybody … Read more

Brad Maddox Was Stuck In A Cave After Being Fired By The WWE

Brad Maddox was stuck in a cave after being fired from his role as the Raw General Manager by the WWE, in what was a … Read more

What If Tommy Dreamer Killed Paul Heyman At WrestleMania X7?

In one of the most shocking confessions ever, Tommy Dreamer revealed that he wanted to murder Paul Heyman at WrestleMania X7. He planned to run … Read more

CM Punk’s AEW Career and How It All Went Wrong

CM Punk’s AEW career was short, explosive and memorable. From his electric debut to his disappointing firing after a Wembley Stadium epic, nobody could ever … Read more

AEW Real World Championship and CM Punk’s Disastrous AEW Career

CM Punk spent his second run in AEW walking around AEW Collision as the Real World Champion, brandishing his own version of the AEW Championship … Read more

Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings For Survivor Series 2022 (And Other Match Ratings)

WWE Survivor Series 2023 took place in Chicago, Illinois, which is the home of great wrestlers like CM Punk and Bobby Heenan. The event marked … Read more

AEW Full Gear 2023 Meltzer’s Star Ratings Revealed (Winners & Losers)

The fifth-annual AEW Full Gear event is taking place in 2023, and it is looking like one of the best cards AEW have put on … Read more

Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings For Every Wrestle Kingdom Show (NJPW)

Wrestle Kingdom is NJPW’s yearly wrestling event, taking place on the 4th January every year. It takes place in the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, … Read more

NJPW Schedule For 2024 – All Upcoming Events

The following is a list of NJPW events scheduled to take place in 2024. This includes all pay per view events that are available to … Read more

Jim Cornette Wrestled A Ninja Turtle Multiple Times In His Career

Despite being a harsh critic on comedic wrestling and unrealistic styles of wrestling, Jim Cornette took part in some of the most ridiculous matches of … Read more

Dolph Ziggler Was Backstage At AEW Full Gear 2023 Before Signing With Company

Dolph Ziggler was spotted backstage at AEW Full Gear, which went down on November 18th at the Kia Forum in the Los Angeles suburb of … Read more

Will Ospreay Is All Elite and Confirmed Wembley Stadium Match

Will Ospreay was announced as AEW’s next big signing during AEW Full Gear 2023. He was announced by Tony Schiovane, who welcomed him to the … Read more

These AEW Double Champions Held Two Championships At Once

Holding one AEW Championship is impressive enough, but a select few wrestlers can claim to have held two championship at the same time. This article … Read more

Wrestle Kingdom 2 Star Ratings (Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings)

Wrestle Kingdom II was the second annual Wrestle Kingdom event put on by NJPW, in their traditional slot at the beginning of the year. Wrestle … Read more

CM Punk Is Rejected From The Hall of Fame, as Young Bucks Also Miss Out

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter welcomed seven new inductees into their Hall of Fame, but CM Punk was a shock name to miss out on the … Read more

2023 WON Hall of Fame Inductees Revealed

Seven new inductees into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter have been revealed, with some key names missing out on the honor. The results of the Hall … Read more

Ryback’s Backstage Fight With Brock Lesnar and their Cancelled Match, Explained

In 2012, reports of a backstage fight between Ryback and Brock Lesnar were released, shining a light on the WWE backstage atmosphere that had not … Read more

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18’s Star Ratings (Dave Meltzer’s Match Ratings)

Wrestle Kingdom 18 will take place on January 4th, 2023 and is the 18th annual edition of the yearly Wrestle Kingdom show. It is the … Read more

Wrestle Kingdom 18 Predictions, Match Card & Logo Reveal

New Japan Pro Wrestling have revealed the new logo for the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 18 event. The show was officially announced for the first time, … Read more

10 Worst WWE Returns Of All Time That Fans Hated

Nobody is ever finished in wrestling, and everybody will eventually return to the WWE at the end of their career. Whether it be one last … Read more

Andre The Giant Actually Invented The Pedigree In Japan

While many credit the invention of The Pedigree to Triple H, the move’s origin actually comes from Andre The Giant. Andre The Giant invented the … Read more

How Triple H Created The Pedigree In WWE

Triple H created the Pedigree while he was training with Killer Kowolski, and it turned into one of the best things he ever did. The … Read more

Why CM Punk Never Used The Pepsi Plunge In WWE

CM Punk has had quite a few finishing moves over the years, with the most popular being the “GTS” and the “Anaconda Vice”. However, WWE … Read more

LA Knight Was Fired By WWE After He Buried Numerous Wrestlers In A Scathing Email

LA Knight is one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE today, but this wasn’t always the case. Despite having the highest-selling merchandise in … Read more

Hulk Hogan’s Wembley Stadium Lie About Make-A-Wish Child Is His Worst One Yet

Hulk Hogan lied about wrestling at Wembley Stadium, inventing a sick child to try and sell his album. In his mind, this worked, as Hogan … Read more

Hulk Hogan Claims He Killed Antonio Inoki In Japan, Before Being Run Out Of The Country By The Yakuza

Hulk Hogan claimed he accidentally killed Antonio Inoki during a match in Japan. After their 1983 clash for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, Inoki stayed down … Read more

Why Some WWE Commentators Know Which Wrestler Will Win, While Others Don’t

In the WWE, the commentators are crucial to the presentation of professional wrestling. Whether it two or three commentators in the booth, they are key … Read more

Why Undertaker vs Goldberg May Be The Best WWE Match Ever

While it has been voted as one of the worst matches in WWE history, The Undertaker’s match against Goldberg in Saudi Arabia may actually be … Read more

Goldberg Invented The Spear As A Wrestling Finisher

The spear has become one of the most impressive and versatile moves in wrestling. A simplistic shoulder tackle into the gut, it is reminiscent of … Read more

Vince McMahon Almost Fired Tommy Dreamer & ECW Stars In 2006, Paul Heyman Reveals

Paul Heyman revealed that Vince McMahon nearly fired all the ECW wrestlers in 2006, which showed just how little he understood about the brand, and … Read more

How The ECW Comeback Failed Spectacularly In The WWE

The ECW revival in 2006 looked to bring a lost fan base back to the WWE, but failed spectacularly when Vince McMahon did not understand … Read more

Was Elvis Presley A Fan Of Hulk Hogan Before He Died?

Hulk Hogan has claimed that Elvis Presley was a fan of him as a wrestler, although that is simply not true. Hogan is said to … Read more
Hulk Hogan celebrates with the WWE Undisputed Championship

Hulk Hogan Was Meant To Be An Irish Wrestler In The WWE

Why is Hulk Hogan called Hulk Hogan? The answer to that question may be a shocking one. Hulk Hogan is rightly lauded as the biggest … Read more

WWE Star Ratings For Every PLE In 2023

This page will be your source for Dave Meltzer’s star ratings for every single WWE Premium Live Event in 2023. The ratings are taken from … Read more

Crown Jewel 2023 Meltzer’s Star Ratings Revealed (Roman Reigns vs LA Knight)

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 is the latest in the WWE’s offering from Saudi Arabia, and looks to be the most star-studded event since the inaugural … Read more

AEW All In 2024 Match Card, Predictions and Tickets

AEW All In 2024 was announced at the end of the first AEW United Kingdom show, following a record-breaking crowd attending Wembley Stadium. 81,035 fans … Read more

AEW Full Gear 2023 Predictions & Match Card

AEW is building out the match card for AEW Full Gear 2023 nicely, adding some of their top stars to the fifth-annual edition of the … Read more

Is Nick Aldis Retired From Wrestling? The Former TNA Champion Reveals Truth Behind WWE Run

Nick Aldis recently debuted in the WWE as the new general manager of Smackdown, ending a multi-year run in promotions like TNA, ROH and NWA. … Read more

Zeb Colter’s “MexAmerica” Run With Alberto Del Rio Was Low Point In WWE

The word “MexAmerica” is one that still makes WWE fans in the mid-2010s shudder upon its utterance. The concept was one last chance to make … Read more

5 Reasons Why Cody Rhodes Left AEW In 2022

Cody Rhodes left AEW in 2022 in one of the most shocking releases of all time. Along with his wife, Brandi, The American Nightmare walked … Read more

CM Punk and MJF Promo From AEW Dynamite Transcript

CM Punk and MJF cut one of the best promos in AEW history on the 2021 Thanksgiving episode of AEW Dynamite. A week after Punk … Read more

Candice Michelle Attacks Melina At Convention, Calls Former WWE Star “Difficult To Work With”

Candice Michelle has reportedly “attacked” her former WWE colleague Melina at a recent fan convention, with some scathing comments aimed towards the former WWE Women’s … Read more

Alex Wright Is Perfect For Bash In Berlin Appearance After Puerto Rico PLE Success

One of the biggest pops in WWE this year was the surprise return of Carlito at Backlash 2023. The event was held in his home … Read more

AEW Worlds End 2023 Match Card & Predictions

The latest addition to AEW’s pay per view calendar has been announced, with the first iteration of AEW Worlds End coming later in 2023. AEW … Read more
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