UFC 302: Makhachev vs Poirier – Complete Fight Preview

This Saturday, the UFC returns to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, a venue steeped in MMA history. Over the years, this arena has witnessed some unforgettable moments, from Georges St-Pierre’s triumph in 2010 to Jon Jones’ record-breaking achievement as the youngest champion a year later. It was also the stage for epic battles, … Read more

Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings For This Week (29/9/23)

Dave Meltzer has released his star ratings for all the top matches in wrestling this week, in the 29th September 2023 edition of the Wrestling … Read more

Why Is Queen Sharmell In The WWE Hall Of Fame?

A year on from her bizarre induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, it still baffles us why Queen Sharmell was inducted into the WWE … Read more
vince mcmahon hall of fame

Predicting WWE’s Hall of Fame Class Of 2024

One of the most thrilling highlights during WrestleMania weekend is the WWE’s annual Hall of Fame ceremony, a night dedicated to paying tribute and showing … Read more

WrestleMania 40 Match Card & Predictions

WrestleMania 40 (stylized as WrestleMania XL) is set for April 6& 7 in 2024, and looks set to be one of the biggest wrestling events … Read more

WWE Tried To Give Big Show The “Yes” Chants Instead Of Daniel Bryan

One of the most famous chants in WWE is Daniel Bryan‘s “Yes!” chants, which took over the wrestling world in 2013. Raising his arms in … Read more

WrestleMania 40 Weekend Schedule – What Shows Are On In 2024?

In April 2024, WWE will bring WrestleMania 40 to Philadelphia, marking the 40th annual edition of their yearly spectacle. The show is stylized as “WrestleMania … Read more

WWE Fired The British Bulldog In 1992 Due To The Steroid Trial

The British Bulldog has gone down in history as one of the greatest British wrestlers in WWE history. Despite being fired multiple times by Vince … Read more

Daniel Bryan Reveals How He Invented The Yes Chants, and Why He Won’t Do Them In AEW

Daniel Bryan became synonymous with the “Yes Chant” in the WWE, as it catapulted him into the main event of WrestleMania and to WWE Championship … Read more

Kevin Owens Has Had The Same Entrance Music For Near 10 Years

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens has one very peculiar record in the WWE that nobody quite expect – he has had the same entrance music for … Read more

WWE Should Bring Back The Brisbane Cup For Upcoming Australian PLE

WWE announced their return to Australia this week, with news of a Premium Live Event coming Down Under for a pay per view in 2024. … Read more

LA Knight’s Relation To Elias Revealed (WWE)

LA Knight is one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE today, quickly becoming a fan-favorite world-wide. The former Million Dollar Champion is one … Read more

Chris Benoit Was Removed From Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Video Game Cover Art

It has been 16-years since Chris Benoit killed himself and his family, yet new information continues to come out about the former World Heavyweight Champion. … Read more

Jeff Hardy’s Last Match In TNA Before Re-joining WWE Was A World Title Match

Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE in 2017, after nearly a decade spent plying his trade in the Orlando-based Total Nonstop Action. He became a … Read more

Was Jeff Hardy Originally In The TNA Video Game?

Some fans have claimed that Jeff Hardy was meant to be in the original TNA Video Game, but was pulled at the last minute when … Read more
mick foley return

Mick Foley Reveals Secret Of Terry Funk’s Amazing Punches

Mick Foley realized the secret behind the incredible punches of Terry Funk, but only when he set foot in the ring with him for the … Read more

AEW Pay Per View Buy Rates From 2019 to 2024 (Including All In)

Despite the WWE doing away with the medium in 2014, with the launch of their WWE Network, All Elite Wrestling has relied on the pay … Read more

Survivor Series 2014 Should Have Been Dolph Ziggler’s Star-Making Performance…If Not For Vince McMahon.

Survivor Series 2014 looked like the start of Dolph Ziggler‘s push into WWE’s main event, but all momentum he had after the event was ruined … Read more

How The Miz Was Bullied Out Of The Locker room In The WWE

The Miz went from being bullied out of the locker room when he first started in the WWE to beating John Cena in the main … Read more

AEW WrestleDream 2023 Match Card & Predictions

Tony Khan announced the latest addition to AEW’s event calendar, with the new AEW WrestleDream pay per view coming later this year. AEW WrestleDream 2023 … Read more

Dolph Ziggler Wrestled His Last Match On Raw Against JD McDonough

With the news that Dolph Ziggler has been released from the WWE, along with other stars like Elias and Shelton Benjamin, we take a look … Read more

AEW Grand Slam 2023 Meltzer’s Star Ratings Revealed

AEW Grand Slam 2023 took place on September 20th, 2023 at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in the Queens borough of New York City. It is … Read more

Best AEW Moments In 2023 (So Far) From Every Month

2023 is one of the most controversial years in AEW. For the incredible highs of AEW All In and Forbidden Door, they faced incredible lows … Read more

10 Sami Zayn WWE Matches That You Need To Watch (Best Matches)

Sami Zayn has grown in the last decade since his WWE debut, changing from NXT’s lovable loser to a champion in the main event of … Read more

Are AEW Pay Per Views Worth It? New Schedule Puts Business At Risk

All Elite Wrestling has quickly risen to become the second-biggest wrestling company in the world, less than five years after starting their journey. Founded by … Read more

Tomasso Ciampa vs Giovanni Vicci Is The Least Watched Raw Match Ever, According To Dave Meltzer

The Tomasso Ciampa vs Giovanni Vicci match from this week’s Monday Night Raw has broken the record for the least watched match in Monday Night … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To AEW In 2024

“What is AEW? Is it like WWE?“ These are two of the most common questions you’ll from fans trying to get back into professional wrestling. … Read more

Are AEW Matches Scripted Like The WWE?

Professional wrestling is a divisive business for many, including the wrestlers. For decades, many words have been taboo when discussing the business. Words like “Fake”, … Read more

WWE Smackdown Moving From Fox to USA Network In 2024

WWE has announced that Friday Night Smackdown will cease airing on the Fox Network, moving to the USA Network starting in 2024. The company had … Read more

Anthony Bowens Explains Why Billy Gunn Is “Daddy Ass” In AEW

WWE fans from the Attitude Era may be shocked to see Billy Gunn on AEW TV every week – and even more surprised to see … Read more

Rick Knox Is The Worst AEW Referee And Should Be Fired After Grand Slam

AEW referee Rick Knox has faced some criticism in the past for his abilities in the ring, but his performance at AEW Grand Slam 2023 … Read more

WWE Has Shared Secret Conversation From Rock vs John Cena At WrestleMania 29

WWE have released footage of a secret conversation between The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania 29 for the very first time. The footage was … Read more

Drew McIntyre Is Proud Of The Glasgow Kiss Being His Signature Move

Upon his return to the WWE in 2017, Drew McIntyre brought with him a new look, a new attitude and a brand-new move set for … Read more

Drew McIntyre Invented His Finisher Due To Wardrobe Malfunction

Drew McIntyre has used the Claymore Kick as his finisher since his days in Three Man Band during his first WWE run, but has since … Read more

Ranking Roman Reigns’ WWE Championship Wins (From Worst To Best)

Roman Reigns has won the WWE Championship four times in his career, the most of any current full-time WWE wrestler. His first WWE Championship win … Read more

Drew McIntyre In AEW Could Sell Out Wembley Stadium In 2024

Drew McIntyre has been in a lull over the past 12 months. Since losing to Roman Reings at Clash at the Castle, he has struggled … Read more

The Best AEW Women’s Matches Ever (According To Cagematch)

The AEW Women’s division has faced some criticism over the years, but there is no doubt that it has produced some of the best women’s … Read more

The Best Konosuke Takeshita Matches In AEW (Updated 2023)

Japanese star Konosuke Takeshita has quickly risen the ranks in AEW, jumping from unknown quantity to main event star in just two short years. With … Read more

Konosuke Takeshita’s AEW Debut Was Alongside The Elite In Historic Show

With Don Callis by his side, it looks like Konsouke Takeshita is one of the next big stars in All Elite Wrestling. With huge wins … Read more

Don Callis Can Bring Konosuke Takeshita To The AEW Main Event

The partnership between Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita is exactly what they need to launch the Japanese star into the main event of AEW. Before … Read more

Konosuke Takeshita vs Kota Ibushi At WrestleDream Will Steal The Show

With AEW’s first WrestleDream show set to take place next month, the dream match between Konosuke Takeshita and Kota Ibushi looks set to steal the … Read more

Jade Cargill’s Last Match In AEW Was Against Kris Statlander

Former TBS Champion Jade Cargill has wrestled her last match in AEW, amid rumors that she will be moving to the WWE in the near … Read more

Does WWE Use Real Steel Chairs In Their Matches?

The most iconic weapon used in professional wrestling is the steel chair. The simple, yet effective, weapon has been a key fixture of companies like … Read more

NJPW Wanted Bret Hart On Commentary For Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho

Wrestle Kingdom 12 saw one of the biggest matches in history, as former WWE Champion Chris Jericho wrestled Kenny Omega in a match that nobody … Read more

What Was The Ring Boy Scandal In The WWE?

Over the years, WWE and Vince McMahon have been fraught with controversy. Whether it be the death of Owen Hart, the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit … Read more

Mike Tyson Was “Too Scared” To Wrestle Hulk Hogan In 1990

Hulk Hogan has spun many tall tales over the years, although the number of lies involved in these tales is staggering. From his time touring … Read more

Manny Pacquiao Was Rumored For WWE Match Vs John Cena

After Floyd Mayweather defeated Big Show in a blockbuster bout at WrestleMania 24, the WWE seemed to look forward to another boxing legend for a … Read more

John Cena Teases A Match With Kenny Omega Multiple Times On Social Media

John Cena vs Kenny Omega is a dream match that most people thought would never happen, but that hasn’t stopped John Cena from teasing the … Read more

Kenny Omega’s “You Can’t Escape” Used To Be Much Different

Kenny Omega‘s “You Can’t Escape” sequence of moves is a key part of his arsenal, but the series of moves used to be very different … Read more

Sonny Kiss Regrets Butt Shaking Move On AEW Debut

Former AEW Star Sonny Kiss has recently opened up about her exit from the company, speaking about the regret she felt about her debut in … Read more

Roman Reigns Next Title Defense Revealed For Crown Jewel 2023

Roman Reigns‘ next Undisputed WWE Universal Championship defense has been revealed, amid criticism of his lack of wrestling matches this year. Despite controversially defending his … Read more

Butch Reed Had Planned WWE Intercontinental Title Reign Cancelled

Former WWE wrestler Butch Reed was originally planned to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship during his run in the company, former manager Slick has revealed. … Read more

Trish Stratus Had Her Last Match, But Has Unfinished Business In WWE

Trish Stratus is one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time and a WWE Hall of Famer. The Canadian star is a WWE Hall … Read more

AEW Dream Matches Fans Never Got To See (Yet?)

Despite the litany of incredible matches AEW have put on in the past five-years, a lot of top-quality matches have been left on the table … Read more

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