AEW All In 2 Is Biggest Wrestling Show In England’s History

After just one day of pre-sale tickets being available, AEW All In 2 has broken records, as the biggest wrestling show in England’s history.

Tickets for AEW’s first ever UK show went on sale yesterday, with fans clamouring to grab the hottest ticket of the summer.

Even without any matches announced, tickets flew off the shelves, with a reported 36,000 tickets being sold in just one day.

Tony Khan called the ticket sales “one of the best days in AEW history”

The gate for the show already stands at a whopping £3.8 million (or $4.7 million), an astonishing feat for a company founded just four years ago.

The ticket sales have already broken the record for the largest gate in English history, which was held by WWE’s Summerslam 1992 event, in the old Wembley Stadium.

Dave Meltzer reported that All In is the largest gate in English wrestling history.

That show was headlined by Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog, who put on one of the finest wrestling matches the world has ever seen.

No matches have been announced for All In 2 yet, which makes their ticket sales even more impressive. It is likely big stars like MJF, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and more will wrestle at one of the biggest shows of all time.

However, it still has some ways to go to beat the biggest UK/European gate ever.

That record is held by last year’s Clash at the Castle, WWE’s pay per view even that was held in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Edge returned to Cardiff for the first time in over a decade, for Clash at the Castle.

Despite many people thinking to the contrary, Wales is in fact a different country to England, and holds the largest gate in UK wrestling history, with a reported $8 million income from the event.

With a reported 58,000 attendance, All In will need to nearly double it’s first day takings to match the event that saw Drew McIntyre lose to Roman Reigns.

However, All In 2 has already surpassed the gates from shows involving legends like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, and could signal a new boom in pro-wrestling in Great Britain.

Edit: Tony Khan has confirmed that AEW All In 2 has surpassed the WCW Nitro episode, selling 43,000 tickets in just 32 hours!

No matches have been announced so far for AEW All In 2, although stars like Sting, Anthony Ogogo and PAC have all been slated to appear.

CM Punk is also assumed to wrestle at the event, with a bout against Kenny Omega being one of the top choices for his match at All In.

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