Damian Sandow Was Told Money In The Bank Cash In Would Make Him World Champion

Hamish Woodward

Macho Mandow and Axelmania - A Waste of a Years Build

Former WWE Superstar Damian Sandow won the 2013 Money In The Bank ladder match. This earned him a title shot against a World Champion anytime, anywhere.

He cashed in his shot against John Cena on a 2013 episode of Raw and it seemed the time for him to become world champion has finally come.

Sadly, despite attacking Cena’s injured arm prior to the match he was unsuccessful. Damian Sandow lost to the World Heavyweight Champion and became the first man to fail a surprise Money in the Bank Cash In in WWE history.

His career went downhill from there as WWE lost faith in him. He began to get jobbed out regularly, lost his character and signature look (his blue rope and unique promo style was taken away) and generally wasn’t regarded as a star.

He retained the support of the group and actually began one of the most popular men on the roster. He team with The Miz made him a huge face as Miz’s “Stunt Double”, although WWE refused to push him after the fact.

He had a short lived tag team with Curtis Axel, with Axel dressing as Hulk Hogan and Sandow as Randy Savage. Hulk Hogan’s racism scandal happened soon after and Damian Sandow was released by the WWE.

Damian Sandow Money In The Bank Cash In

Macho Mandow and Axelmania - A Waste of a Years Build

While Damian Sandow did fail to cash in his Money in the Bank contract against John Cena, this was not always the plan.

Sandow revealed that he was told he was going to be successful and become World Champion in WWE at one time, although as it got closer to the time WWE clearly lost faith in Damian Sandow.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall, the now-named Aaron Stevens was asked if WWE had planned for him to become the World Heavyweight or WWE Champion when he won the Money in the Bank contract. To that, Stevens replied;

It was said to me, but there are no promises. There are no guarantees. It’s one of those things where ‘it is what it is.’ You could dwell on the past or you can go forward.

Damian Sandow now wrestles in NWA as Aaron Stevens after a failed spell in Impact Wrestling.

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