Every wrestler in the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame

Hamish Woodward

When a wrestler goes into the Hall of Fame it is one of the happiest nights of their lives. It makes a lifetime of dedication and sacrifice worth it to be acknowledged as one of the greats by you peers and colleagues.

For years, the WWE Hall of Fame has been the biggest hall of fame in wrestling. There have been others, like the IMPACT hall of fame and the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, but nothing came close to the pomp and circumstance, and the star power of WWE.

However, the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame aims to challenge that with their own take on the concept. ROH is one of the biggest wrestling companies in America, but sadly went on hiatus in the new year due to unknown reasons. They plan to return again in April, but in the meantime announced their very own Hall of Fame to coincide with the companies 20th anniversary.

Many stars have graced the ring in Ring of Honor over the years, including legends of the sport, true mat technicians and fan favourites who will never be forgotten. ROH will honor these men in their own hall of fame later this year.

Here is every inductee in the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame.

Ring of Honor Hall of Fame

The Briscoes

Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe are the first men to be inducted into the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame. The Briscoe’s have one of the most interesting in storied careers in ROH, being with the company from the very beginning.

Not only were they with ROH since the star, Jay Briscoe, accompanied by his brother Mark, competed in the first ever singles match in the companies history, in a loss to Amazing Red. As just an 18 year old kid (accompanied by his 17 year old brother), Jay Briscoe showed great promise. He would later transform into one of the best wrestlers in the companies history, alongside his brother as The Briscoe’s.

The pair are two of the most decorated stars in Ring of Honor’s history. The pair defeated OGK at Final Battle: End of an Era in December 2021 to win their 12th ROH Tag Team Championship, the most of any team in ROH. In addition, the older brother Jay is a two time ROH Champion, one of only five men to achieve this feat.

Despite being incredible in-ring talents and compelling characters, the pair never left Ring of Honor for bigger promotions, like NJPW or WWE. They stayed loyal to ROH throughout their career and have been well rewarded with a spot in the ROH Hall of Fame.

Due to the ROH shutdown until April, it is looking likely that The Briscoe’s will wrestle in AEW, with the pair rumoured to be facing FTR at AEW Revolution.

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has been announced as the second induction into the ROH Hall of Fame. The American Dragon became a household name as Daniel Bryan and in AEW, but his humble beginnings where he came the best wrestler in the world was inside a Ring of Honor ring.

The American Dragon was one of the key forces that helped establish Ring of Honor as the place in the United States to watch excellent wrestling. His performances from the first ROH Show onward proved ROH and himself as the home of the best wrestling on the planet.

At The Era of Honor Begins, Danielson wrestled in the main event in an incredible match also involving Low Ki and Christopher Daniels. From then on until his departure in 2009, he wrestled the best match every night, wherever and whenever he could in ROH.

Danielson cemented himself as the greatest wrestler in the world during his record setting World Championship reign. He held the ROH title for 462 days, the third longest in the companies history, and defended his championship with honor an incredible 38 times.

Some of his most famous title defences came against Chris Hero, Naomichi Marifuji and Takeshi Morishima in some huge blockbuster matches. The Morishima match is particularly infamous, as Danielson suffered a detached retina just four minutes into the match, but he carried on and performed fantastically in a record setting main event.

Danielson made his name later with WWE and AEW, but never forgot his roots in ROH. Fans have been hoping for 13 years that one day The Final Countdown will blare through the speakers again and the American Dragon will set foot in a ROH ring again.

Bryan Danielson is currently wrestling in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and has recently unsuccessfully challenged Adam Page for the AEW Championship, in a pair of five star matches in AEW.

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