Five Famous Liverpool Fans you didn’t know supported the Reds

Stewart Harper

Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in England and the world over. Winners of six Champions League and 19 Premier League titles, they are among the most successful clubs all over the globe. Due to this success, Liverpool have garnered a host of famous fans who follow the club.

Over the last 50 years of Merseyside dominance, they have accrued a number of famous Liverpool fans into their ranks. Not including the likes of famous footballers like Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler, here are the top five famous Liverpool fans you didn’t know supported the reds.

Due to their success during the 1970s and 1980s, a number of celebrities who were children at the time have grown up as fans. Even fans that grew up as far from Anfield as possible claim to be die hard fans of the Reds.

There is even an interesting case of a vast number of Scandinavian fans supporting Liverpool. This is due to, back when Liverpool were winning European Cups every year, there only being one game broadcast a week in countries like Norway.

This match was usually on a tape delay, so the TV broadcasters picked the best/most high profile match that week to show. Due to their incredible attacking talent with the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush and John Barnes, Liverpool were often picked as the match to watch.

Due to this, many fans in countries like Norway and Denmark grew up as huge fans of the club. Stars from those countries like John Arne Riise and Sami Hyppia have only solidified their fandom over the years.

Here are five of the biggest, most famous celebrity fans of Liverpool.

Famous Liverpool Fans

Lana Del Rey

Famous New York singer Lana Del Rey is a notable famous Liverpool fan. The American singer has been a big supporter of the Reds since her manager introduced her to the club. Her manager is a huge fan of Liverpool, and passed his passion of the club onto Lana.

Lana Del Rey has recorded a stunning acapella version of the club anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Showing her dedication and support for the club. She has been a fan of Liverpool since she visited the ground in 2013, and claimed her favourite player to watch was Luis Suarez.

I was introduced to Liverpool FC by my manager, Ben, whose mood is dependent on the Liverpool results. I love watching Luis Suarez play.

Lana Del Rey, on Liverpool FC

Mike Myers

The Canadian star of Austin Powers and Shrek is a lifelong Liverpool supporter, it turns out!

Both his parents hail from Merseyside, wit he and his brother scattering his mothers ashes on the river Mersey after her death in 1991.

His father was a proud Liverpool supporter whilst his mother was an Everton fan. Myers himself was born in Canada. So it was only natural that he followed one of the football teams of his parents. While both sides became wildly successful in the 1980s, it was Liverpool who the movie star picked to his lifelong team.

I did not sleep last night – I cannot believe it. I’m so jazzed to be here. I can’t even talk, I can’t look at the soccer players in the face. I’m even star struck by Anfield, the pitch. I didn’t even want to look at it – I was a little afraid.

Mike Myers on attending Liverpool vs Fulham in 2013

Dr Dre

If there was one named I would not have expected to be a Liverpool fan, it would be Dr Dre. The rapper/producer became a fan of Liverpool during a tour of the city in 1988. He revealed he was a huge admirer of John Barnes, Liverpool legend and part of England all time best eleven

He revealed he had seen Liverpool play many times, including the likes of Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler among the memorable players he has seen play at Anfield.

Liverpool are the team I always look out for when I’m at home. Back in 1988 I was in London on a promotional tour with NWA, and one night we were watching TV and these cool cats in red came on the box.

Barnes, he was bad. He reminded me of Magic Johnson. I’m from LA and dig the Lakers, especially when Magic was there, and Barnes was like him, in that he made the ball talk. The cat was cool.

Dr Dre on Liverpool

Daniel Craig

James Bond himself is purported to be a huge fan of Liverpool. He is not the first Bond to be a famous fan, with Timothy Dalton one of the famous Man City fans to travel to the Etihad to watch his team play.

Daniel Craig was born in Chester and grew up on Merseyside, being the only local lad on this list. He regularly travels to Anfield to watch the Reds play, and has been seen mingling with players on a number of occasions.

Craig recently left his role as James Bond after nearly 20 years in the role. Now he has some more free time on his hands, maybe he will make the trip up to Anfield more frequently to watch Liverpool play.

Pope John Paul II

Well, we ended with a bang. The fifth famous Liverpool fan is Gods chosen man himself, the Pope.

Pope John Paul II, who passed away on April 4 2005, was reported to be a fan of the Merseyside club. A man born in Poland, it was a meeting with fellow countryman and Liverpool Goalkeeper Jersy Dudek which confirmed the suspicions that the Pope was a red.

Sadly, Pope John Paul II died just 2 months before Liverpool’s triumph in Istanbul. It certainly seemed like Divine intervention when Dudek saved the penalties after extra time, so maybe the Pope had a hand in it after all!

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