FIFA 23 New Icons Vote for your favourite icons for Ultimate Team

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FIFA 23 new icons vote

Which Icons will be added to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? Now is your chance to make your choice and vote for the new FIFA 23 icons that you want featured on this years edition of the hit football game. FIFA 23 is likely to add a host of new Icons from football history, joining such legendary footballers like Pele, George Best, David Beckham and Ronaldinho.

Vote below which Icon you most want featured in FUT next year. Help make FIFA 23 better by letting EA Sports know which legendary footballer you want to see in next years game. If your favourite player isn’t in the list, add him in the comments so we can see the next potential FIFA 23 star.

Click here to see which FIFA 23 New Icons could be a part of FUT

FIFA 23 New Icons

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paul gascoigne fifa 23
John Charles FIFA 23 ICON.

Which of these icons would you most like to see in FIFA 23? Vote now for your new FIFA 23 Icons and see who everyone thinks is the greatest footballer in world football that needs to be in the new Ultimate Team

Thank you for voting for your favourite new FIFA 23 Icon. Click below to see which FIFA 23 Hero Cards could be added to the new game, or comments below any potential icons we have missed.

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