Is Liv Morgan Married To Bo Dallas?

Hamish Woodward

Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas have been one of the most talked about potential couples in WWE in years. The two wrestlers came through WWE developmental at different times in their lives and met up once they were both on the main roster.

Bo Dallas was part of the original NXT roster, winning the NXT Championship from Big E to become their third ever champion. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan joined the promotion in 2014, when Dallas had been moved up to Raw and Smackdown.

The pair are rumoured to have got together sometime after 2019. However, their relationship was not mentioned by anyone until 2021, when Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported that the duo were now living together on a farm and had started their own business together.

“[Bo Dallas] has a farm living with Morgan and they’ve started a family real estate business and studying that to prepare for life after wrestling.”

Dave Meltzer on Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas dating

Liv Morgan has posted multiple photos of herself and her farm animals on the duos farm. She recently revealed that he cows love giving birth on the same days as WWE Pay Per View days, meaning that she misses out on seeing it happen when she is booked on the shows.

“But also, my cows are so notorious for giving birth on pay-per-view days. I have a cow named Rumble, [and] I have a cow named ‘Mania, so I’m wondering if I’m going to have a cow named Survivor Series, but I’m like, that’s totally not you. I got to thinking of ‘Survivor’.”

Is Liv Morgan Married To Bo Dallas?

At the moment, Liv Morgan is not married to Bo Dallas. There has been no report of their relationship progressing past it’s current stage. The duo have been together for a number of years at this point so it is possible that marriage will be on the table in the future but right now Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas are not married.

Bo Dallas has previously been married however. The former NXT Champion was in a relationship with Sarah Blackman, a fellow NXT Alumni from the start of the promotion. The pair wed in 2014 when Dallas was just 24, but like so many young marriages it fell apart. The couple divorced in 2019 and at some point after that Bo Dallas began dating Liv Morgan.

Bo Dallas was released by WWE in 2021 during budget cuts amid a potential sale of the company. This put an end to his 13 years with the company, where he won the NXT Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship, alongside Curtis Axel.

While never acknowledged on TV, Bo Dallas is the brother of former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. They are both sons of the WWE Hall of Famer I.R.S, with their grandfather also a wrestling, making them second generation wrestlers.

Bo Dallas is rumoured to have already returned to the WWE in recent months. While not officially announced, many fans seem to think he is the man under the mask playing “Uncle Howdy” on TV. However, that is yet to be confirmed. The rumoured match for Wrestlemania 39 is expected to be Bray Wyatt vs Uncle Howdy.

Meanwhile. Liv Morgan is quickly becoming one of the biggest stars in the WWE Women’s Division. In 2022 she won the Money in the Bank ladder match, later cashing in her contract to become the Smackdown Women’s Champion. She defeated Ronda Rousey for the belt, although dropped it back to her some months later.

If Bo Dallas were to return to the WWE, it is unlikely he would be paired with Liv Morgan. She has the potential to be a main event star in the company whilst he is destined for, at best, being a mid-card heel in the company. While other couples, like Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, have been featured on TV as couples it seems unlikely we’ll see Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas in WWE together.

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