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Park Ji Sung FIFA

What rating would you give Park Ji-Sung in FIFA 23?

As the first Asian players to ever win the Champions League, Park Ji-Sung stands above all other Korean players as the greatest player in his countries history. The South Korean Dynamo starred as they made it all the way to the World Cup Semi Finals in 2002, a record high for an Asian nations that has yet to be matched.

He had an illustrious career that earned him plaudits across the footballing sphere. With Manchester United (what his FIFA 23 Icon Card will likely be based on), he won four Premier League titles, three League Cups, One Champion League and a Club World Cup trophy to make him one of the most decorated Asian players of all time.

With rumours of Park Ji-Sung’s inclusion as a FIFA 23 New Icon, here’s what we think will be Park Ji-Sung’s FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Rating.

Park Ji-Sung FIFA 23 Rating

If Park Ji-Sung was to be included in FIFA 23, then I predict he would be given an 88 Rating for his Prime Icon card. This is on the lower end for Icons in the game, with the highest Prime Icon being a 98 rating for the legendary Pele.

However, it is for good reason. Whilst Park was a legendary figure for both South Korea and Manchester United, he was never actually the best player on the team. While he was always preferred in big games for Manchester United due to his incredible work ethic and stamina, he was generally behind the likes of Giggs and Ronaldo in the pecking order at United.

I’ve given Park Ji Sung 88 Physical and 78 Defending, two of the standout stats on his card. This is to accurately reflect him in his prime for United – always running, pressing and tackling the defenders high up and win the ball back. His impressive stamina and work rate combined with surprising strength is what gives him such a high physical stat.

His 87 pace may be generous, but when Park Ji Sung did turn on the afterburners he could charge around the field with the rest of them. A high acceleration is needed for him to be able to close down players quickly as he did. He also possessed great passing, hence the 86 passing. However, he only scored 19 times for Manchester United in the Premier League, so 65 shooting seems apt for a player who was so much more than goals.

Park Ji-Sung would definitely be on the cheaper side of the FIFA 23 Icons, but would be a welcome addition to fans of Asian football, who’s only current option in FIFA 22 is Hidetoshi Nakata.

What do you think of Park Ji-Sung’s FIFA rating? Let us know in the comments or click below to see the FIFA 23 FUT Heroes who could be included in the game

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