Will Diego Maradona be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

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Is Diego Maradona in FIFA 23

Will Diego Maradona be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

After a court case involving the estate of the late Diego Maradona, the Argentina legend was removed from FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and was no longer able to be acquired from packs. This was a huge blow for the game, which boasts having the best players of all time included as FIFA 22 Icon Cards. Maradona was one of the most expensive players in the game, coming it at over 8 million coins at his peak, and his loss will be a huge one for the game.

The issue occurred over a trademark dispute in Argentina over Diego Maradona’s likeness after his death. The World Cup winner passed away in 2020, and the issue over his likeness did not come up until a year after his death in November 2021. Lawyers argued that the deal over his likeness was made by a third party who had no rights over said likeness, and an Argentine court agreed. This forced FIFA to remove Diego Maradona from FIFA 22 and his card from packs in Ultimate Team.

However, anyone who has already received a Diego Maradona Ultimate Team card, whether through the transfer market, FIFA packs or Squad Builder Challenges, will not lose access to the cards. They are still able to use their card in all Ultimate Team game modes (requirements permitting) but no new Diego Maradona cards will be issued.

However, this has led fans to ask the question – Will Diego Maradona be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Will Diego Maradona be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Diego Maradona will not be in FIFA 23, unless the situation over his likeness is solved by EA and Maradona’s estate. As of time of writing, no deal has been struck between the two parties over including Diego Maradona in FIFA 23, so he will not be included as it stands.

However, EA do seem keen to reinstate one of the world’s greatest ever footballers into their latest instalment. In their announcement of Diego Maradona being removed from FIFA 22, they ended the statement by adding “We share out fans’ disappointment and hope to bring one of football’s greatest icons back in the game at some point in the future”.

This shows that EA aren’t closing to door on the former Napoli and Barcelona player and hope to include Diego Maradona in FIFA 23 and beyond.

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