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WrestleMania 40 Match Card & Predictions


WrestleMania 40 (stylized as WrestleMania XL) is set for April 6& 7 in 2024, and looks set to be one of the biggest wrestling events in the history of the business.

The show will take place at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will be another two-night affair for the WWE. Expect big stars like Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes and LA Knight to make appearances, as well as a host of surprise celebrity guests and wrestling legends.

While the event is next year, we can look at the reported matches on the card and see what we think is going to happen at WrestleMania XL. Some matches will already be “locked in” by WWE management, while others should become clearer closer to the Royal Rumble event in January.

Here are my predictions for WrestleMania 40, based on the current storylines and reported rumors for the event. Keep checking back on this page for updates on the WrestleMania card and what we think is going to happen at the event.

WrestleMania 40 Predictions

Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes

Yes, they are going to stretch this out until WrestleMania! Roman Reigns’s record-breaking run as the Universal Championship will finally come to an end against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania (a sentence which could be copy and pasted from last year).

Cody Rhodes will not win the Royal Rumble again in 2024 (we will go into the winner of that match later in this article), but can still earn his spot in the main event of WrestleMania – because of the addition of Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship.

2024 should finally see Cody Rhodes “finish the story” and defeat Roman Reigns to finally win the WWE Championship (which will likely absorb the Universal Championship after the event, to avoid having three world titles in one company). The Bloodline falling apart at the seams – even if the story doesn’t make any sense – will give Rhodes the chance he needs to avenge his loss from last year.

However, as the show is a two-night spectacle again in 2024, Roman Reigns may be free to wrestle twice on the historic WrestleMania 40 weekend.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes achieves his dream of winning the WWE Championship and finishing his father’s story.

Roman Reigns vs The Rock

While Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes seems set for WrestleMania 40, we cannot rule out the possibility of one last match of The Rock’s legendary career.

The People’s Champion hasn’t wrestled regularly in two decades (his last match on Raw was against Jeff Hardy in 2002), and his last “real” match was at WrestleMania 29. Eleven years later, The Rock looks set to finally say goodbye to the WWE by putting over his cousin in the main event.

The Rock vs Roman Reigns was previously “locked” for WrestleMania 39, although scheduling issues once again reared their ugly head. The Rock was forced to pull out of WrestleMania, and Roman Reigns went on to beat Cody Rhodes, in very controversial circumstances, in the final match of the weekend.

WrestleMania 40 could be an even bigger place for this legendary match to take place. Ever since The Rock helped Roman Reigns win the 2015 Royal Rumble, fans have been fantasy booking their match together. Whether the title is on the line or not, there is no bigger match in wrestling than The Rock vs Roman Reigns.

Prediction: Roman Reigns beats The Rock, probably with the help of a third Uso that nobody knew about.

LA Knight vs Seth Rollins

Our pick to win the 2024 Royal Rumble is none other than LA Knight. The Megastar has become the most popular man in wrestling over the past year, getting some of the biggest pops seen since the days of Steve Austin and The Rock.

LA Knight has drawn multiple comparisons to those two men over the years (not all of it positive), but he has proven all the doubters wrong, becoming a huge star in the WWE in 2023.

We expect Seth Rollins to retain his World Heavyweight Championship until WrestleMania 40, and the champion will want to have the biggest match possible when the WWE comes to Philadelphia. While his matches have been lacking, LA Knight can be dragged to a good match by Seth Rollins, especially with a crowd going crazy for The Megastar throughout.

Should LA Knight win the title? I’m torn. His matches are fairly dull, but nobody gets the crowd on their feet like LA Knight. Either result would be a fair one, but I cannot look past a win for The Megastar, especially with the recent news about Seth Rollins’ injured back.

Prediction: LA Knight wins his first World title in WWE at WrestleMania 40, beating Seth Rollins.

Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso

Sadly, it appears WWE are going to stretch out this match until WrestleMania 40. Despite Jimmy Uso turning on Jey at Summerslam this year (and I cannot stress how little sense this made), the company have split the pair up, moved them onto different brands and stopped the storyline in it’s tracks.

This is likely to keep the story on ice until WrestleMania, so WWE can say they have the first ever twin vs twin match in WrestleMania history. Jey Uso has been elevated to a main-event role in recent months, actually main-eventing Summerslam 2023 in a loss to Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso is not a dream match for many people, although both twins have stated that this was their goal in wrestling over the past few years. Expect to see the pair collide in the 2024 Royal Rumble and set up a huge bout at WrestleMania 40, possibly with their father Rikishi as the special guest referee.

Prediction: “Main Event” Jey Uso picks up the win, going on to challenge Cody Rhodes for the title after WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 40 Match Card

No matches have currently been announced for WrestleMania 40. Keep checking back to this article for the full match card for WrestleMania 40 as more bouts are announced for the show.

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