Wrestling Observer Newsletter 3rd February 2023 Notes

Hamish Woodward

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that:

-Brock Lesnar is scheduled to work Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania

-Stone Cold and the Rock may make appearances at Mania but nothing has been confirmed as of publishing time

-Pat McAfee was offered to wrestle in the Royal Rumble but turned it down due to not having enough time to properly train and time needed for his pregnant wife

-there were several women backstage to serve as alternates if needed for the Rumble, the only one Dave names is Ivy Nile

-John Cena is expected at Mania but will be unavailable for tv due to filming in Australia all of February and most of March

-WWE was paid more than $1 million by Pepsi to run the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match

-Raw 30th anniversary show’s 18-49 rating (.70) topped the 18-49 of the highest rated NBA game for that week (.58

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