AEW All In 2023 Meltzer’s Star Ratings Revealed

AEW All In 2023 was broadcast on August 27th, 2023 from Wembley Stadium in London, United Kingdom.

This was AEW’s first ever show in the UK, and broke the record for the highest-attendance for a wrestling crowd in history (not counting the North Korea shows).

Over 80,000 fans attended the event, giving it a higher attendance than even the biggest WrestleMania event.

It is the second All In show in history, with the first in 2018 being a joint venture between The Elite (Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks) and Ring of Honor.

This page will detail Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings for AEW All In 2023 , looking at every match on the card. We will also detail the Cagematch rating for the event.

Cagematch is a website which aggregates fans opinions on wrestling match. Fans can log on and rank the matches on a scale of zero to ten, which then calculates an average score for the matches.

Great matches can expect a 9+ rating while the worst matches may not even be worth giving a rating to at all.

Only matches over 5 minutes may be rated on the website. This means fantastic, yet shorter matches like KENTA vs Ricky Marvin will not be given a rating but that does not mean they are bad bouts.

The highest rated match on the site is the Kazuchika Okada vs Kitsuyori Shibata match was NJPW Sakura Genesis 2017.

While many expected to see AEW bring a pay per view to the UK in 2023, nobody could expect that they would nearly sell-out Wembley Stadium for their debut in the country.

AEW All In 2023 Card

The full card for AEW All In 2023 is as follows:

  • AEW Championship: MJF (c) vs Adam Cole
  • AEW Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs Young Bucks
  • Real World Championship: CM Punk (c) vs Samoa Joe
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs Toni Storm vs Saraya vs Britt Baker
  • AEW Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs The Acclaimed
  • Sting & Darby Allin vs Swerve Strickland & AR Fox (Coffin Match)
  • Stadium Stampede Match: Blackpool Combat Club & Santana & Ortizvs Best Friends, Penta & Eddie Kingston
  • Kenny Omega, Adam Page & Kota Ibushi vs Konosuke Takeshita, Jay White & Juice Robinson
  • Will Ospreay vs Chris Jericho
  • Zero Hour: ROH World Tag Team Championships: Aussie Open (c) vs MJF & Adam Cole
  • Zero Hour: FTW Championship: Jack Perry (c) vs Hook

AEW All In Star Ratings

Here are the star ratings for every match at AEW All In 2023.

These will be taken from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer, the users at and our own rating at Atletifo.

Let us know your favorite match from the event by leaving a comment down below.

Zero Hour: MJF & Adam Cole vs Aussie Open (ROH World Tag Team Championships)

To prove their friendship before their clash in the main event of All In, Adam Cole and MJF teamed up together on the pre-show to take on ROH Tag Team Champions Aussie Open.

With the double clothesline and the Kangaroo Kick and their disposal, the team of Best Friends had a fantastic chance of taking home tag team gold, before they did battle in the main event later that night.

And they did! In a fun pre-show bout, MJF hit his Kangaroo Kick before the pair hit their double clothesline to pin Aussie Open and win the ROH Tag Team Championships.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 2.75 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 6.25
  • Atletifo Rating – 3 Stars

FTW Championship: Jack Perry vs Hook

After attempting to retire the FTW Championship on Collision, Jack Perry ended up having to defend the belt against Hook at All In.

This continued the feud between the two, which has been brewing since Perry turned on Hook, following his loss to SANADA at Forbidden Door earlier this year.

Despite the backstage controversy after the match, involving Jack Perry and CM Punk, Hook defeated defeated Perry to win back his FTW Title.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 3.25 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 6.76
  • Atletifo Rating – 2 Stars

Real World Championship: CM Punk (c) vs Samoa Joe

After a series of challenges and attacks from Samoa Joe, CM Punk accepted the challenge to face Joe at All In.

They opened the show with the crowd firmly against CM Punk. He took huge punishment from Joe, but eventually put him away with a Pepsi Plunge (only the second time he’s hit it in AEW).

This was one of the matches of the night. An electric crowd loved seeing both men, and the ended left so many people in awe of the pain Samoa Joe took from the top rope.

  • Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 3.5 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 7.69
  • Atletifo Rating – 5 Stars

Kenny Omega, Adam Page & Kota Ibushi vs Konosuke Takeshita, Jay White & Juice Robinson

While many were disappointed to see Kenny Omega not in singles action, they more than made up for it with an incredible trios match, featuring the world’s top wrestlers.

This match helped build a number of stories for the future, teasing singles matchs between Omega, Takeshita and Jay White, among others.

It also harkened back to the incredible main event of Wrestle Kingdom 15, where Kota Ibushi defeated Jay White in an all-time great match.

Despite the crowd being absolutely electric toward Omega, he suffered defeated when Konosuke Takeshita rolled him for the pin, just as he looked like he had the match in the bag.

  • Dave Meltzer Star Rating -4.5 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 7.27
  • Atletifo Rating – 3.5 Stars

AEW Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs Young Bucks

The FTR vs Young Bucks trilogy concluded at All In, when the two teams battle for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

FTR challenged the Bucks to a match at Wembley, following a win over Big Bill and Brian Cage on AEW Collision.

The Young Bucks accepted the challenge, and took to London for the biggest match of their career so far.

The match was incredible. It was the best of the trilogy in my view, building upon the previous matches with many callbacks.

Despite crowd chants of “Cash has got a gun”, FTR managed to pick up the win with a Shatter Machine to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 4.75 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 8.55
  • Atletifo Rating – 5 Stars

Stadium Stampede Match: Blackpool Combat Club & Santana and Ortiz vs Best Friends, Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston

Building on the long-time build between the Best Friends and Blackpool Combat Club (while also adding the Lucha Bros into the mix), Wembley Stadium was treated to the third ever Stadium Stampede match.

Vias issues to Rey Fenix caused his absence from the match, but the returning Santana and Ortiz came to add star power to the Blackpool Combat Club’s side.

Appearances from Penta’s alter-ego, as well as Sue making a grand entrance, driving her minivan with a tray of cookies for her son and his friends, the match had a little something for everything.

It was also violent as hell, with blood, tacks and glass all involved. The finish came when Orange Cassidy dipped his first in glue and glass, hitting Moxley with the Orange Punch for the victory.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 4.5 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 7.90
  • Atletifo Rating – 4.5 Stars

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs Toni Storm vs Saraya vs Britt Baker

New AEW Women’s Champion defender her title against three top contenders at All In, including a hometown hero.

Saraya received one of the biggest pops of the night when she made her way to the ring, as the 80,000 strong British crowd gave her a welcome unlike any other.

Serenaded to the ring by Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, Saraya was joined by the rest of her family in one of the most iconic entrances of all time.

She pinned Hikaru Shida with a “RamPaige” to win the AEW Women’s Championship for the first time.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 2.75 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 5.30
  • Atletifo Rating – 3 Stars

Sting & Darby Allin vs Swerve Strickland & AR Fox (Coffin Match)

The multi-month feud between Darby Allin and Swerve Strickland has finally come to an end at All In.

Wembley Stadium played host to a first-of-its-kind match in AEW – a tag team coffin match.

Darby Allin teamed with Sting in the match, while Swerve Strickland had new recruit AR Fox on his side.

Sting rolled back the years with his performance, throwing himself through the air as he pit big splashes through tables and onto coffins.

Darby hit a Coffin Drop onto the table to lock Swerve in the casket, ending the match in a victory for his side in the highest-attended event of all time.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 4.25 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 7.34
  • Atletifo Rating – 3.5 Stars

Chris Jericho vs Will Ospreay

In a match that was meant to take place at Wrestle Kingdom 15, Chris Jericho faced off against English Ace Will Ospreay, in a “forbidden door” match at All In.

After Don Callis turned on Jericho, he recruited Ospreay to beat down his long-time friend, leading to a match between the two.

With Jericho 22 years older than Ospreay, some fans were unsure if this was the best match, and is Jericho would be able to keep up with The Kingpin.

However, after an incredible entrance that saw Jericho take inspiration from Freddy Mercury, he had one of the best matches of his career.

He took hometown hero Will Ospreay to his limits, but ultimately fell to a storm breaker in a fantastic match.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating –4.75 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 8.04
  • Atletifo Rating – 4.5 Stars

AEW Trios Championship: House of Black vs The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass

In a rematch from AEW Double or Nothing 2023, The Acclaimed reunited with Daddy Ass to battle The House of Black for the AEW Trios Championship.

They beat the House of Black at the third time of asking, winning the trios championship for the first time.

Billy Gunn became the oldest Champion in AEW history, at 59 years old.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 2.5 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 5.75
  • Atletifo Rating – 3 Stars

AEW Championship: MJF (c) vs Adam Cole

The biggest story going into AEW All In 2023 at Wembley Stadium was the incredible tale of bromance between Adam Cole and AEW Champion MJF.

The pair began as enemies – wrestling to a time-limit draw on Dynamite – but soon grew to love each other as best friends.

This brought out a new side of both men, putting on some hilarious comedy skits that endeared the pair to the crowd.

However, that all went out the window for their championship match at All In. They wrestled a serious match, although toyed with the emotions of the crowd as they threatened to turn on each other throughout.

The pair originally drew the match with a double pin – however, MJF allowed the match, showing his growth as a person. He won the match with a roll-up, and the pair embraced as friends to end the show.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 4.5 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 8.73
  • Atletifo Rating – 5 Stars

What was your favorite match from AEW’s All In 2023 show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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