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Bret Hart Calls Ultimate Warrior “A Bum”: Preferred Macho Man

Bret Hart never wrestled against Ultimate Warrior in the WWE, but he has a strong opinion about how limited the former WWE Champion was in the ring. While Hart is revered as one of the best in-ring technicians of all time, the Ultimate Warrior is the complete opposite. He was known for his electrifying entrance, ...

Hamish Woodward

Is Bret Hart Related To Teddy Hart?

In the world of professional wrestling, few names are as revered as Bret Hart. The Canadian wrestler, also known as “The Hitman,” is considered one of the greatest of all time, with a career spanning three decades and numerous championship titles. However, Hart’s legacy has also been impacted by the controversies that have surrounded his ...

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Bret 'The Hitman' Hart - Stampede is Back in Business!

Bret Hart Was Almost Saddled With Cowboy Gimmick In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart was almost saddled with an awful Cowboy gimmick, in the early days of the WWE. A former WWE Champion and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Hart is revered by fans and professionals alike for his in-ring talent and his incredible gimmick. His “Hitman” gimmick ...

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Why did Bret Hart Wear Sunglasses? (True Story Revealed)

Bret Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Everything he did, he had it down perfectly. He was supreme in the ring, had a fantastic gimmick and some of the best ring gear of all time. Perhaps his most iconic piece of clothing is his sunglasses. The pink, wraparound glasses were an ...

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Hulk Hogan: Bret Hart Stole His Catchphrase From Me!

Hulk Hogan has claimed that Bret Hart stole his classic catchphrase from him, after watching one of his backstage promos. Hogan is known for…shall we say, stretching the truth over the years. This means that we cannot trust exactly everything he says, even with how innocuous a statement this may be. There is also historic ...

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Hulk Hogan vs Sting

How WCW completely ruined Hulk Hogan vs Sting (Starrcade 1997)

Hulk Hogan vs Sting was one of the biggest matches in wrestling history, but not everything quite went to plan… At Starrcade 1997, the eyes of the wrestling world were firmly on WCW. They had built up a 15 month storyline, starting with the rise of the New World Order with Hulk Hogan‘s heel turn, ...

Hamish Woodward


Could Bret Hart Return At The 2023 Royal Rumble?

The 2023 Royal Rumble coming up in in January and fans are already speculating which WWE legends could could up at the event. Last year saw the one-off return of Shane McMahon to the company, although previous years have yielded much bigger returns for fans of yesteryear. Previous years have proven to be chocked full ...

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