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Hamish Woodward

The England Golden Generation – What Went Wrong?

The England Golden Generation seemed destine for greatness. Coming to a head at Euro 2004, Sven Goran Eriksson led his team to three consecutive quarter finals from 2002 to 2006. He was the most successful England manager until Gareth Southgate. But that didn’t mean anything. The failures of the ‘Golden Generation” were established by England’s ...

Hamish Woodward

What happened to Cardiff City legend Michael Chopra?

Cardiff City fans will wax lyrical about the magic scoring boots of Michael Chopra. His goal against Swansea is folklore around the Cardiff City Stadium, and the goal is played back to many as the best memory of Cardiff City in their lifetime. His finishing was unparalleled, and his £5 million move to Sunderland from ...

Hamish Woodward

David Beckham: World Cup 1998, Argentina and the Red Card

David Beckham red card vs Argentina was a turning point in his career. In this article, we will explore what happened in the 1998 World Cup, and how it affected David Beckham and how he came through the adversity to become one of the best footballers in the world. David Beckham 1998 Who is David ...

Hamish Woodward

England Greatest XI! Who is the Best England Team of All Time?

From the heroes of 1966 to the almost champions of 2021, England have had some of the world greats. The game was invented in England in 1963 with the formation of the Football Association, and has only grown. England has been amongst the best team of all time since it’s inception. English players have won ...

Hamish Woodward

England vs Denmark

England vs Denmark – Was it a Penalty?

England fans will have been up half the night celebrating one of the greatest nights in their history. Gareth Southgate has led his country to it’s first final in 55 years. However, across the internet, fans have no joy for the English triumph. It is merely distain, for a penalty for England is what knock ...

Hamish Woodward

We’re on the Ball! England 2002 World Cup on Football Manager 2021

In 2002, Ronaldinho famously lobbed Seaman from 40 yards, starting a joke that will never stop being funny. That goal in the World Cup quarter finals send Sven’s boys packing, sending the England Golden Generation back to a lifetime of mediocrity. England crashed out the 2002 World Cup and the county wondered ‘What could have ...

Hamish Woodward

Do England Need Jordan Henderson?

Debate has raged about where England need Jordan Henderson, and how crucial he really is for England for Euro 2020. He has shown how crucial he is for the Liverpool. His side that won the Champions League and Premier League, and has been at the heart of both club and country for many years. While ...

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