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FIFA 23 New Fut Heroes

FIFA 23 New FUT Heroes added for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Which new FIFA 23 FUT Hero cards do you want to see added to FIFA 23? FIFA 23 is the next game in the long-running FIFA series from EA Sports, and rumblings about the next game at the series are already starting. Launching in September 2023, FIFA 23 will include Ultimate Team, the popular trading ...

Hamish Woodward

Is Diego Maradona in FIFA 23

Will Diego Maradona be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Will Diego Maradona be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? After a court case involving the estate of the late Diego Maradona, the Argentina legend was removed from FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and was no longer able to be acquired from packs. This was a huge blow for the game, which boasts having the best players ...

Hamish Woodward

fifa 23 new icons

FIFA 23 New Icons to be added to FIFA Ultimate Team revealed?

With FIFA 23 being revealed as the next instalment of EA Sports hit football game, fans have started to speculate the FIFA 23 New Icons which will soon be revealed for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The inclusion of classic players and footballing legends is one of the biggest selling points of Ultimate Team, EA’s online ...

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