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Hamish Woodward

Every Ilja Dragunov 5 Star Match (According To Dave Meltzer)

Possibly the best wrestler to come out of Russia is NXT’s Ilja Dragunov – and his 5 star matches prove it. No Russian wrestler has achieved more five-star matches in WWE as Ilja Dragunov, who currently has two (with more to come). The former NXT UK champion is sure to make a splash on the ...

Hamish Woodward

NXT UK Shutting Down

NXT UK Shutting Down After Invasion and Cancelled Tapings

NXT UK could be shutting down in the near future, with a number of the talent fearing losing their jobs. These rumours came about after WWE cancelled two sets of TV tapings, on the 8th and 9th of August, leaving talent in a lurch about their future with the company. WWE have treated NXT UK ...

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