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Hamish Woodward

What Happened To WWE’s Pirate Paul Burchill?

Former WWE Superstar Paul Burchill now works as a full-time firefighter and paramedic, years after his WWE career ended in disappointing fashion. He lost his passion for the business after some excrutiating years and moved into the business of helping save people’s lives. But what prompted the change of career for the former OVW Champion? ...

Hamish Woodward


The Disturbing Story Of Katie Lea Burchill In WWE

Katie Lea Burchill remains a remnant of one of the most forgettable times in WWE history – but that hasn’t stopped her incredibly creepy storyline with her brother being remembered even to this day. The English superstar made waves in the WWE for her controversial storyline involving her…interesting relationship with her on-screen brother, Paul Burchill. ...

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