October 19, 2021

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How Christian Cage became the World Heavyweight Champion

Christian Cage vs Sting vs Abyss – NWA World Heavyweight Championship – TNA Final Resolution 2007

Christian Cage won his second and final NWA World Heavyweight Championship the year after his first. This time, he fought TNA legend Abyss and WCW legend Sting in a triple threat elimination match for the Championship.

Sting had been a mainstay of TNA since 2003, having left WCW after it’s closure in 2001. He made sporadic appearances with the company until 2005. However, a feud with Jeff Jarrett brought him back into wrestling full time.

He became a five time Champion in TNA (One time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and four time TNA World Champion) and was inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame in 2012.

Sting and Christian Cage were joined in the match by the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Abyss. The Monster Abyss had become a crucial part of TNA television. Abyss was one of the most recognisable men in wrestling. He had the look of Mankind about him, and wrestled a hardcore style that resonated with TNA fans.

He became a legend in TNA and was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2018. Abyss was even offered the chance to work with the Undertaker in WWE at Wrestlemania. You can read about here.

The trio faced each other at TNA Final Resolution 2007, in a elimination match. This meant that once you were pinned or submitted, you were out of the match. Your opponents continued until one man is left. That man is now the champion.

The first elimination in the match was the Champion, Abyss. This meant that TNA was guaranteed to have a new Champion. Sting and Christian Cage fought the rest of the match as a singles bout. Christian Cage would win the match, when the eliminated Abyss hit Sting with a chain.

This allowed Cage to pin “the Icon” and win his second NWA World Heavyweight Championship in TNA. Christian Cage would lose the championship when NWA and TNA severed their relationship, and he was stripped of the Championship in 2007.