October 19, 2021

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How Christian Cage became the World Heavyweight Champion

Christian vs Randy Orton – World Heavyweight Championship – WWE Money in the Bank 2010

Just two days after defeating Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, Christian lost it.


After years of hard work, he won the title on the Sunday and lost it on the Tuesday taping of Smackdown.It was a massive kick in the teeth for fans of Christian, who had waited for so long to see their hero win the big one.

Randy Orton beat the Canadian superstar on the May 6th episode of Smackdown to win the World Heavyweight Championship.The pair would go on to have one of the great rivalries of the time.

Orton and Christian had back and forth matches on Smackdown and pay-per-view, culminating in an excellent no-dq match that Randy Orton won from a RKO onto the steel steps.

Due to previous matches ending in DQ, the stipulation facing Champion Randy Orton was that if he was disqualified, then he would lose the Championship.

Even though these stipulations never pay off, this one time they did. Christian won his second World Championship in WWE by Randy Orton nailing a boot right into his testicles.

It was a strange way to win the Championship, but the now-heel Christian did not care, he was just happy he was the champion.

Christian would not hold gold again in his WWE career. His last match in WWE before his retirement was in 2014, where he won a battle royale to become number one contender to Big E’s Intercontinental Championship.

He was taken out of action with concussions soon after that match, and never faced Big E for the title.