Former Buddy Murphy AEW Debut Coming soon? (Confirmed AEW Signing)

AEW may have lost Cody Rhodes in recent days but they have made up for it by signing former WWE star Buddy Matthews. The former Buddy Murphy AEW debut could come soon, with him having no non-compete clause due to leaving WWE this past September.

Matthews has flown under the radar, as he did in WWE. A Buddy Murphy AEW could rival that of his 205 live performances, which regularly drew praise as some of the best WWE matches at the time.

Fans can expect Buddy Murphy in AEW imminently, according to reports from Fightful. They reported that there have been many talks in signing Buddy Matthews, if he is not already signed. There have been talks about him backstage and even rumours that AEW has already started planning his storylines in advance of a Buddy Murphy AEW debut.

Fightful reported:

“Sources within AEW in recent weeks have indicated that there was growing interest and rumblings about Matthews joining the company in some capacity, with some even heard that there were creative pitches made, with another source going as far as to say that creative is already decided.”

Last year, Buddy Murphy was let go by WWE and at the time, many expected him to go to AEW. However, he instead went to work on the independent scene and even made appearances in MLW and NJPW, where he honed his craft and raised the eyebrows of WWE.

With Cody Rhodes Wrestlemania bound, do you see Buddy Murphy as the man to replace him in AEW? Could Buddy Matthews be a star in AEW? Let us know in the comments or click Next Article to read more.

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