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Team Taz is the future of AEW’s main event scene

Brian Cage, Dante Martin, Hook, Taz, Will Hobbs

When Taz entered AEW trying to court Darby Allin into being his client, few believed that it evolved into what is now known as Team Taz. With no Darby Allin in sight, Taz leads a rag-tag group of killers into the ring, who lay waste to anyone they see before them, and in comprehensive fashion.

Team Taz started of as a reason for Sting to wrestle in a cinematic match in AEW, as well as to get Brian Cage over as a monster. However, it has since evolved into the breeding ground for the next generation of AEW main event. People will remember the Team Taz of today in five years time as people remember The Shield in WWE – the top stars of the promotion in their early days, showing just what they are capable of and the incredible potential they have.

Here is what Team Taz is in AEW

Team Taz

Team Taz consists of three current AEW wrestlers, managed by a former ECW and WWE legend and current WWE commentator. All four men regularly appear on AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage, and all three wrestlers have wrestled in pay per view matches in AEW.

The members in Team Taz in AEW are;

  • Taz – The manager and titular member of the group. A former ECW and WWE wrestler, he was brought in originally as a commentator for AEW, but found more success as the leader of one of the baddest teams in AEW. He has led Team Taz since it’s existence, since he teamed up with Brian Cage to try and take down Darby Allin.
  • Ricky Starks – The young star of Team Taz is AEW’s future world champion. He debuted as a surprise opponent during Cody Rhodes TNT Championship open challenge, and earned himself an AEW contract with an impressive performance. He since joined up with Team Taz, and has taken the mantle of their main man after he defeated Brian Cage fort he FTW Championship
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs – The Powerhouse of Team Taz is a formidable member of the group. Using his brute strength as his greatest weapon, the young star joined the group after turning on Jon Moxley and Darby Allin in 2020. He has since teamed with Ricky Starks a number of times and has made a name for himself as a top prospect inside an AEW ring.
  • HOOK – The young son of Taz has made a huge name for himself in AEW since his debut in 2021. Impressive performances in his rookie year has created huge hype for Hook, who has been a member of Team Taz in AEW for some time. He is one of the brightest young stars in the group and could be an AEW Champion in the future if he keeps improving the way he has been.

However, Team Taz have lost some members along the way. The former Team Taz members in AEW are:

  • Brian Cage – “The Machine” Brian Cage was brought into AEW at AEW Double or Nothing 2020, attacking Darby Allin and winning the Casino Ladder Match. This earned him a shot at Jon Moxley’s AEW Champion which he sadly lost. However, Team Taz awarded him the FTW Championship, which he held until he was defeated by Ricky Starks. He was kicked out of the group and is now signed to ROH and managed by Tully Blanchard.
  • Dante Martin – The young high flyer briefly joined the group, during the time he and Lio Rush were feuding with Team Taz. However, Dante Martin later betrayed the group and was kicked out weeks later

FTW Championship

The FTW Championship is a championship created in ECW in 1998 and brought to AEW in 2020. It was originally brought in for Taz, as an interim championship due to his ECW Championship match against Shane Douglas in ECW being cancelled due to injury.

The title was held by Taz and Sabu in ECW before being unified with the ECW Championship, although ECW never recognised it as a real title. Taz brought the belt to AEW, gifting it to Brian Cage as the champion of Team Taz. It has since been won by Ricky Starks, also of Team Taz and has been defended in AEW multiple times.

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