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Will we see Enzo and Big Cass’ AEW Debut on Dynamite?

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AEW teased the signing of IMPACT star W. Morrisey this week on Dynamite, and fans have wondered whether we might see a reunion of Enzo and Big Cass in AEW. Now known as nZo and W. Morrissey, the duo could be making their debut together in AEW, although Tony Khan could just be bringing in just one of the two on a short-term basis.

This week on AEW Dynamite, MJF teased one or two of the duo making their AEW debuts. After Wardlow defeated Lance Archer in a huge hoss match, MJF was seen talking on the phone in a backstage segment. He asked a “big man” if he wanted to earn “six figures for one match”. He then put the phone down, and spoke to Wardlow through the camera lens and said:

“Warldow. Next week you’re going to be going up against a man who is smarter than you, who is stronger than you, and who is taller than you. And you can’t. Teach. That.”

The use of the “can’t teach that”, being the catchphrase of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, implies a debut of at least one of the duo in AEW. By saying that he was “taller than (Wardlow)”, it implies that W. Morrissey, the former Big Cass, will be moving over to AEW from IMPACT for a match against Wardlow, one of AEW’s next big stars.


Enzo and Big Cass in AEW

An Enzo Amore and Big Cass AEW debut seems unlikely, with the duo not having had an extended run together since leaving WWE. Big Cass, now known as W. Morrisey, has been wrestling for IMPACT wrestling since 2021 and has built himself up as a main event star since his public struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Enzo Amore, now known as nZo, has been in and out of wrestling since he was released by WWE in January 2018 due to rape allegations, which were later proved to be false. He is one of the best mic workers in wrestling and became a champion in WWE due to them, despite being a below-avergae in-ring worker.

As a duo, Enzo and Big Cass were one of the most exciting tag teams in WWE. They made up for each other inadequacies and were greater than the sum of their parts. It is shocking that as a tag team they never won a tag team championship in WWE, and they were definitely split up way too soon.

If Enzo and Big Cass AEW debut does take place this week on Dynamite, it is sure they would go straight into the tag team title hunt and become one of the top tag teams in the division.

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    • I wish you stopped at ham & cheese, cause I’m totally good with just a chocolate cup or just peanut butter. Mmm… mmm…

  1. I’d love to see them together again! Enzo is wildly charasmatic and Big Cass is a big man. I think they were great together.
    I just hope they don’t join MJF permanently because MJF is a joke. A spoiled rotten brat that thinks somebody is impressed by his money…
    Who gives a crap? Not this wrestling fan.
    Morrissey – hang in there dude. Been there, done that with the drugs and alcohol. I have faith in you man!


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