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Former WWE star reveals new merchandise for first time in a decade

William Regal

William Regal is the newest addition to ProWrestlingTees, as the WWE legend reveals his first set of T-Shirts in almost a decade.

The former WWE King of the Ring was recently released by WWE in the November cuts, ending over 20 years of employment with the WWE. Regal was the head trainer at NXT and one of the most respected men in the business, so many wrestlers felt the sting of his release.

Despite being in WWE for over two decades, William Regal has never had many pieces of merchandise to his name. The former European Champion was always a heel who did not want fans buying his t-shirts, which could be one reason as to why he did not have many t shirts to sell.

To our knowledge, the last shirt William Regal ever had in WWE was this orange monstrosity which read “Keep Calm and Act Regal”, a play on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan that was left unused during World War Two. This shirt came out around 2014 and was the last t-shirt William Regal had to sell, until now.

William Regal on ProWrestlingTees

William Regal announced on Twitter today that he had set up his first ProWrestlingTees page. He currently has four different shirts for sale, which one reddit user pointed out was as many as he had in his entire WWE lifespan, although we cannot confirm this.

Regal said on Twitter “

Look at me. I’m all hip and stuff, I’ve got a page on @PWTees. Thank you to all the staff who made this possible in a very short time.”

William Regal is currently a free agent, and has made no comment on where he would move to next after his WWE release. AEW are the current favourites to sign the Villain, with his former protegee Bryan Danielson one of the stars of the promotion.

There is also a large former-NXT contingent in the company that would love to have Regal back to help them, like Adam Cole, Malakai Black and Tay Conti.

However, Regal’s son Charlie Dempsey is currently a wrestler in NXT UK. It is unknown if he will follow his father out of the company or stay with WWE’s British developmental brand.

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