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Booking Hulk Hogan as WWE Champion in 2014: Part 4

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Winning the 2015 Royal Rumble – The Story so far

So far in parts 1, 2 and 3 (which you can read here), the Hulkster has told some cruiserweights to cruiser-wait, brother, and has become victorious at Wrestlemania, conquering the evil foreigner Rusev. His eyes are next set on the WWE Championship, and giving all his Hulkamaniacs one last dream run on top, making Hogan a but ton of money to fight his impending lawsuits, dude. HULK HOGAN WWE CHAMPION PART 1

Royal Rumble 2016

The story pans out here the same as in real life. The Big Dog (Oahh) wins the WWE Championship at Survivor series, beating friend Dean Ambrose. Sheamus doesn’t cash in on him, because that was the only thing worse than having Reigns be the Champion at that time.

Reigns battles the Authority until the Royal Rumble, where he is forced to put the WWE Championship on the line. 30 men prepare themselves to face off in the biggest match of the year, and not just for a title shot, but for the Championship itself. Like in real life, Reigns enters first, and is joined by Rusev. They fight as usual, before the number 3 entry enters.

It’s AJ Styles, the former TNA and IWGP Champion! The crowd roar, he he and Roman Reigns start to brawl. The crowd are cheering Styles and booing Reigns. They cannot believe the career non-WWE guy would finally sign for Vince McMahon.

The Royal Rumble continues as normal. Except for the number 5 entrant Curtis Axel not making an appearance, the rest of the entrants come out, but one place behind. This leaves the number 30 spot available for a surprise entrant.

The Number 30

The fans count down. 29 men have entered the ring, but only few are left. Reigns is left in the ring, is the 29th entry, Triple H. AJ Styles is still alive, bouncing round the ring. Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho are also clinging onto the ropes.


The Hulkster enters the fray. He immediately throws out Dean Ambrose, because he can’t hang with the Hulkster brother, he’s too wacky! Hogan then stares down with AJ Styles, echoing there troubles in TNA.

Hogan immediately throws him out. “That cruiserweight can cruiser WAIT Brother!” the chant all chant in unison. Hogan starts to taunt to the crowd, who are going absolutely wild. They are booing everyone but Hogan.

Suddenly he is grabbed by HHH. The duo stare down. Memories of their 2002 bout over the Undisputed Championship spring to the fans mind, and immediate start hurling abuse at the Game.

Triple H starts throwing punches, knocking Hogan to the ground. For some reason, Triple H has not learned anything. He doesn’t know that it is LITERALLY the worst thing you can do to Hulk Hogan. If you just never attack him, he will wear himself out and you can win the match when he gets sleepy. Attack him and your dead.

The next part is obvious. Punch – Hulk Up (x3), YOU! – Punch (x3) – Throw-Big Boot – SWERVE he throws him out of the ring. You can’t waste a Hogan leg drop on the rumble, who knows how many of them he has left until his entire body crumbles into dust. Hogan has now eliminated Styles, Ambrose and Triple H, and now the ring looks a lot more empty.

The Final Four

Four men are left standing in the ring. Roman Reigns, who has been there since number 1 is looking tired. Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho are ready to fight, and Hulk Hogan is staring them all down.

The four men catch each others eye. Ambrose and Reigns shift to stand next to each other. Hogan and Jericho stand the other side of the ring. It’s a young vs old face off, Legend vs prodigy.

But sneaky Hogan grabs Jericho by the hair and tosses him out the ring, and begins a long and arduous series of posing and listening to the crowding roaring for him.

The two thirds of the Shield stand and watch in awe. The pair cannot believe they are stood in the ring with a legend such as Hogan, who hasn’t even said any racist things in a sex tape yet. Reigns and Ambrose wait until his stops posing, and the pair attack.

They attack Hogan, who is sent to the ground with the kicks and punches of the two men. They continue to beat down on Hogan, who is laying on the floor protecting his head from the barrage. The pair try to lift the man, bit he clings to the middle rope, refusing to be eliminated.

Reigns continues to try to life Hogan out of the ring, but Ambrose runs in from behind and throws the Samoan out of the ring. However, Reigns catches himself on the apron, enters the ring and the pair begin to fight.

Reigns gains the upper hand, hitting his Superman Punch and Spear before tossing Ambrose out the ring. But here comes Hogan! The Red and Yellow clad old man throws Reigns out the ring, and his feet hit the floor with a thud, as he holds his head in his hands.

Hogan did it!

Hulk Hogan WWE Champion

Hogan celebrates in the ring. He’s done it! He falls to his knees and grabs the Championship to his chest. His sixth WWE titles is the sweetest, as he defied all naysayers and logic to become the champion in the biggest company in the world. This can surely be a really good thing for the company and nothing he has done, in the past with the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge, or now, can sully it.

But who will Hogan face off with at Wrestlemania? Find out in Part 5!

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