The ECW Zombie's Redemption & The Genius of Vince Russo - Why Making Kayfabe in the best Podcast in Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

The ECW Zombie’s Redemption & The Genius of Vince Russo – Why Making Kayfabe in the best Podcast in Wrestling

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In the year 2021, podcast’s in wrestling has become a bit of a saturate market. Every wrestler and their aunt has launched their own podcast, and countless fan podcasts reviewing the latest WWE and AEW pop up every other week. Everyone except Steve Austin has been making podcasts (Please bring back the show, Steve). But none have the genius, hilarity and thoughtfulness of “Making Kayfabe”.

Making Kayfabe

The podcast is one with a simple premise. Some friends meet up, and try to rebook famous moments in Wrestling. The duo of Bryce and Dylan are a pair of friends, with at least one from Scotland, the other could be but I’m not 100%. Bryce is definitely Scottish, Dylan may be but you’ll have to ask him,

The pair pick a topic each week, and each week they take turns in telling each other their version of events in wrestling past. They pick wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan or even the ECW Zombie and try to see how different their careers could have been.

The podcast is around an hour long, and occasionally features their other friends as guest, to join in on the fantasy booking fun.

The Hilarity

The podcast is one of the few that can give me many laugh out loud moments every episode. They spend the start of the podcast running down the wrestlers they’re going to rebook, going over their histories and telling each other what they think of them. The laughs come after this, when they start booking.

The episodes vary from the serious to the abstract, with more grounded episodes being complimented by more hilarious ones like Bryce’s incredible rebooking of the ECW zombie. The grounded episodes still allow the duo space to flex their comedy chops and make each other, and the listener, laugh, whilst the less serious ones are laughs all the way. The way Bryce managed to humanise the ECW zombie, making him a hero to the ECW fans and making me feel things for a reanimated corpse is genius.

The special Vince Russo episodes are also the funniest podcasts I’ve ever heard. Hearing their awful New York accents and almost offensive Vince Russo impression is as funny as can be. Coupled with hearing half an hours worth of how David Arquette is coming to win the world Championship in WWE and al the hilarity that ensues, it was a podcast that had me turning it off it was so funny.

here’s a link to the second Vince Russo episode


If there’s one new wrestling podcast to start, it’s this one. The hosts are hilarious with a great knowledge of the sport, with an imagination that is unrivalled with excellent story telling abilities. It’s new series starts on the 18th May and is a must for any Fantasy Booking fans.

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