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3 Reason’s Why Randy Orton is WWE’s Greatest Heel (Of All Time?)

Randy Orton

Author Calvin Ragsdale:

Randy Orton is one of the greatest heels of all time. Some, including myself, consider him WWE’s greatest heel of all time. For his talent, ability and longevity, nobody can touch the Viper. But what is a heel?

In wrestling, a heel is a villain character. Heels are portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner, breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside of the bounds of the rules of the match. In non-wrestling jargon, heels are often the “bad guys” in pro wrestling storylines. Over the years there have been many amazing heels, but I believe this one man took the role to new heights. Randy Orton is the best heel in WWE history, and Randy Orton WWE Heel work is unmatched by all.

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Randy Orton WWE Heel work

Orton DDT’s HHH’ s wife Stephanie before planting her with a kiss

Randy Orton WWE heel work is unmatched. No matter who his opponent is, he always finds ways to get under their skin. He never fails to deliver jaw dropping moments to leave fans in shock. I’ll list the top 3 reasons he why he is the top heel in WWE history, and why no-one can match Randy Orton WWE heel work in the WWE then, now or forever.

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3. Ability to work with anyone

He has been around for 20 years and has been involved in storylines with Kofi Kingston, Edge, Undertaker, HHH, etc. Each storyline I feel like we got to see different versions of Orton. Orton was the legend killer attacking every big-name legend who dared to come on his show. The Viper was your tag team partner that turned on you when he got everything he needed out of the team. He found many ways to make fans despise him.

2. Skills on the Mic

Randy’s skills on the mic are among the top in the company. He infuses the right amount of reality to keep you hooked and delivers it in a way to makes sure you as the fan dislike him. I.E, his promo after losing the Royal Rumble to Rey Mysterio in 2006. He came out on Smackdown January 24, 2006 and said how it had to be divine intervention for Rey to win and included shots at a deceased Eddie Guerrero to stick it to Mysterio and the crowd.

2020 was the year that highlighted Orton’s solid work as he put on great storylines with McIntyre and Edge, including a match of the year candidate against Edge, which was build “The Greatest Wrestling Match ever” a month prior to the match even airing. IS CM PUNK COMING BACK TO WWE?

1. He can never be trusted

Much like the viper he represents, he cannot be trusted around anyone. He has formed many alliances in his time, and it was never a question of when he was going to turn on them, but a when. From Evolution, Legacy, Rated RKO, and The Authority, Orton found a way to slither himself out of those groups. Let’s not forget how he joined the Wyatt family just to tear it apart from the inside.

To sum this up, Randy Orton has built the career for all aspiring heels to watch and emulate in their own way. He does it with great promos, great in ring ability, and the inability to be trusted. Randy Orton is the greatest heel in WWE history, in my opinion, and when he retires will be appreciated along with the greats.

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