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WWE: Latin American Wrestlers not given chance in WWE, says former Star

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Former WWE Star Cinta de Oro, also known as Hunico or Sin Cara, has lashed out at WWE in an interview with WrestleIncDaily, claiming that WWE has not been doing it’s best in regards to it’s representation of Latin American Stars on their television shows.

Since the release of Andrade, a sure future star who was wasted on the main roster after not appearing since October, the conversation surrounding Latin American stars has raged, with De Ora throwing his opinion into the mix.

I never wanted to get into this conversation, but I feel like we need to now,” Cinta said. “It’s true. With everything that is going on in the world, the Latinos or Mexicanos can never really join forces to do something powerful. It’s always been other people. You can see what’s happened nowadays when the Black Lives Matter movement started. It was great to see all them join together and do something positive for everybody, for the community. And when that happened everybody in WWE was a champion, right? Bobby Lashley, New Day, all those guys. Which is great, they’re good friends of mine and I love them, but what about us? We want a shot. We want an opportunity.” He told Wrestle Inc, before adding,

“I’m an independent wrestler right now,” Cinta said. “Anybody that wants to contact me can contact me at the social media I have. I’m ready to work anywhere. In Puerto Rico, in Mexico, anywhere. There’s a lot of plans in the air right now, but there are a few things that I don’t want to say anything yet because nothing’s confirmed yet, but there’s a lot of plans going on. I just want to tell you that Nacion Lucha Libre in Mexico is about to start again. That’s going to be something great for a lot of wrestlers that are independently working right now and want an opportunity in Mexico.”

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