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WWE Managements Reaction to AEW Blood and Guts: “We Hate It – It’s Put Wrestling Back 30 Years!”

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PWInsider have reported that WWE officials have reacted to AEW Blood and Guts – and reacted negatively.

Backstage, WWE officials are said to have “hated” the match, which main evented last weeks AEW Dynamite show, and featured 10 wrestlers fighting inside 2 rings inside a steel cage. One official is reported to have claimed the match “set the business back 30 years!”

However, PWInsider also claimed they spoke to a number of WWE Wrestlers. This is unconfirmed, but those wrestlers claimed to have “loved it”, and that they would love to have been part of a match like that.

The match was part of the first AEW show to be number 1 in the ratings in all of television that night, with a program that topped 1 million views on Wednesday night,

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