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Hulk Hogan makes his Big Return to Win the WWE Championship! – Part 2

If you missed it, click HERE for Part 1, Brother Jack Dude.

The Realest American

After Daniel Bryan’s coronation at Wrestlemania 30, the WWE title scene was a little disappointing. A lackluster feud with Kane followed by a career threatening neck injury derailed any sense of interest in the world title scene. Bryan had to relinquish the WWE title, to the despair of most, except for a giant 6 foot 7 300 pound Hulkster who just knows that a vanilla midget like Daniel Bryan wouldn’t have a chance against the 24 inch pythons of the Immortal One brother.

As Daniel Bryan lays in a hospital bed after neck surgery, licking his wounds and planning his next big comeback, Hulk Hogan is waiting backstage. He’s waiting for Vince McMahon to show up, to show him plans for the Hulkster’s big return. Hogan waits patiently, flexing his muscles and posing in the corner, whilst holding his tongue as much as he can whenever the camera is on, Brother.