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Hulk Hogan Battles the Evil Russian’s at Wrestlemania – Part 3

Hulk Hogan

If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 of the Hulkster’s incredible return, click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2

The Recap

Hulk Hogan has had enough. This Rusev guy from an undetermined country has been spouting nonsense about his beloved stars and stripes for too long. Rusev has beaten all comers, and even taken the scalp of the titan of modern day WWE, John Cena. Can the Hulkster exact revenge on the Bulgarian Brute and end the cold war win the wrestling match?

Wrestlemania 31 – Hulk Hogan vs Rusev

With the Hulkster left red, white and blue balled mid Hulk-up by Rusev on Raw, the build up for this match will a lot of promo’s between the two – As it’s probably best for Hulk Hogan to not get physical just in case one of his hips explode and he crumbles into dust. He’ll ramble about how the Hulkster has one last run in him, about how he beat guys in the past who disrespected the virtues of the Land of the free and home of the brave. Typical Hulk Hogan lets go America woo stuff.

Rusev will do the exact same thing, but swap America for Russia. Rusev and Lana will talk about how awful America is with it’s freedom, democracy and being allowed to be gay without persecution. All of the most horrible evils of the decedent west. Lana will go on about Rusev being a hero of the Russian Republic, and flaunting the medal that Vladmir Putin gave Rusev on Raw (Putin wasn’t physically there but that did happen).

The match is set. Wrestlemania 31 is here. Roman Reigns takes on Brock Lesnar in the main event, while Seth Rollins takes on Randy Orton. John Cena, now free from facing Rusev, takes on the Undertaker, one year after losing the streak. Cena shares the same sentiment as the rest of the fans – can the Phenom still do it at Wrestlemania?

But the real, the REAL main event is just a man fighting for his country, versus another xenophobic racist awful man who is a former world champion and has been the face of wrestling for decades.

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