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Best CM Punk matches of all time – The Top 5!

Best CM Punk matches of all time – The Top 5!

4. CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy – TLC Match – Summerslam 2009

This match is one that managed to Main Event Summerslam 2009.

It was the last pay per view event that Jeff Hardy performed in as a main event superstar.

He left the company weeks later to heal up his injuries, before joining TNA in early 2010.

Jeff Hardy defended his World Heavyweight Championship against CM Punk in a TLC Match.

Hardy was one of the pioneers of the match, performing in many tag team TLC matches since the Attitude Era.

Punk had recently won back to back Money in the Bank ladder matches, cashing in his contract on Hardy earlier that same year.

The match was the match of the show.

Featuring brutal bumps (It’s a Jeff Hardy match after all) and a sense of jeopardy and desperation that you only get when these two step into the ring.

The fans willed Hardy along the entire time, begging to see him retain his Championship.

Sadly, CM Punk won the title. He was the ultimate heel at this time and deserved the title.

It was just sad that this match is the end of the Jeff Hardy World Champion era, but the beginning of a run for Punk that would help launch the Summer of Punk.