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Best CM Punk matches of all time – The Top 5!

Best CM Punk matches of all time – The Top 5!

3. CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar – Summerslam 2013

CM Punk’s match with Brock Lesnar is, in my mind, the greatest No DQ match of the last 10 years in WWE.

It was fast paced but with a story to it. Punk made you believe he could win.

He countered the Beast on multiple occasions, slipping in and out of huge kicks and painful submissions.

Multiple times he had me believe that he’d beaten Brock Lesnar with a simply kick to the head.

The match was slightly tainted by Paul Heyman’s interference.

Despite Lesnar coming out on top, Punk looked like, in a fair fight, he could beat anyone in the world.

Stick him inside a cage with Lesnar and he could slay the beast. The believability is why this is the third best CM Punk match of all time in WWE.

Also Wolverine Punk was definitely his best look.