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Best CM Punk matches of all time – The Top 5!

Best CM Punk matches of all time – The Top 5!

2. CM Punk vs The Undertaker – Wrestlemania 29

CM Punk vs the Undertaker is so close to being first on the list of CM Punk best matches. It is almost the perfect match.

The only thing that brings it down is the story going into it. CM Punk won a fatal-4-way match against Randy Orton, Sheamus and the Big Show to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Not quite the grudge matches or “Raging against the machine” feuds Punk was used to.

However, the pair did use the death of Undertaker’s long time manager Paul Bearer as the driving force of the feud.

CM Punk, with Paul Heyman, came into possession of the Undertakers Urn.

He used this as a weapon in the match and seemed to have beaten the streak on multiple occasions.

Punk in this match played himself as a madman. He had no fear of the Deadman and out wrestled the Phenom all throughout the match.

CM Punk gave the performance of his life, and gave the Undertaker his last great match, in my opinion.