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Enzo Amore and Big Cass WWE return amid interest after AEW appearance?

Big Bill, Enzo Amore

Could Enzo and Big Cass join WWE or AEW?

WWE are reportedly interested in re-signing W Morrissey (the former Big Cass in WWE) after his solid performance on this weeks episode of AEW Dynamite. The seven foot tall wrestler is currently wrestling in IMPACT wrestling, but made a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite as MJF’s surprise opponent for Wardlow.

The match has been building since Wardlow turned on MJF at the end of the latter’s match against CM Punk at AEW Revolution 2022. Wardlow failed to support MJF during the match, before handing CM Punk the Dynamite Diamond Ring, which MJF won three years running, helping Punk to win the match and the feud against his employer.

Wardlow then requested his release from his contract with MJF, but his journey to freedom did not start smoothly. The man who MJF now refers to as “Piggie” was faced with a number of tough matches en route to facing MJF, including The Butcher, Lance Archer and now W. Morrissey.

The former Big Cass came to AEW, sans Enzo Amore, to earn “Six Figures” according to MJF to take out Wardlow. However, it did not go to plan as Wardlow impressed once again to win the match, after hitting an impressive moonsault and his signature powerbomb to pin the big man for the win.

However, the loss was not for naught for W. Morrissey.

Enzo and Big Cass WWE return

enzo amore and big cass wwe

WWE are reportedly interested in W. Morrissey after he impressed against Wardlow on his AEW debut. On the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, Andrew Zarian confirmed that he had heard from multiple people in WWE that they were impressed by the former Big Cass during his match. Backstage officials in WWE were reportedly enquiring about when his IMPACT contract ends, in anticipation of signing Big Cass back to a WWE contract.

On the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian said;

“I got a couple of messages about him from people. People wanting to know when his contract ends. I’m not gonna say that WWE is gonna take him but I can tell you that WWE is definitely impressed by him. There’s no way around it, man. I got a message last night while he’s coming out and somebody wrote, ‘did you see this F’N guy?’”

With the interest in W. Morrissey after his Dynamite debut, this could set the stage for an Enzo and Big Cass return to WWE. AEW fans were delighted to see the former Big Cass in an AEW ring and even chanted for his former partner, Enzo Amore.

Fans were divided in the arena during the match. One half of the arena chanted “We want Enzo” whilst it was greeted by their opposite numbers yelling “No we don’t”. Even though he divided fans in AEW, it shows that Enzo Amore can get a reaction from the fans even if he isn’t even in the match, or part of the company.

Whether we see Enzo and Big Cass back in WWE any time soon remains to be seen. Enzo Amore was fired amid allegations of sexual assault, whilst Big Cass struggled with alcohol addition on his way out of the company and beyond. However, since then Enzo Amore has been exonerated from the claims and Big Cass has fought his demons and won.

Enzo and Cass would be an incredible addition to the current WWE roster and could finally win the WWE Tag Team Titles, something they never managed during their first run together.

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