Mustafi Ali requests release from WWE

WWE star Mustafa Ali has requested his release from WWE, he revealed today via Twitter. Ali has not appeared on WWE TV since November, with fans theorising that it was due to paternity leave. However, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful confirmed that he only missed one show due to the birth of his child, and has been left of WWE TV for other reasons.

Mustafa Ali released a post on Twitter announcing his request for his WWE release. His WWE has been fraught with stop-start pushes and cancelled angles, leaving his frustrated on multiple occasions. He even stated his one goal for 2021 was to see a story through on TV from start to finish. By 31st December 2021, that did not happen. He had a disappointing run as the leader of the failed stable “Retribution”, and failed to push himself up the card for backstage reasons, current rumours state.

In his release Tweet, Ali showed a video with a brief message which read,

“I have a message that is much bigger than my dreams in pro wrestling. Despite my best efforts, I will not be able to deliver this message while working with WWE.

Therefore, I am requesting my release from WWE.”

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