Randy Orton Could Retire As WWE Concerns About Injury Worsens

One year on from his last match, Randy Orton could retire if his back injury worsens, as WWE officials are now concerned about he progress of his return.

The former Evolution member is one of the top stars in WWE but could see his long career come to an end, if an injury sustained at the hands of The Uso’s continues to not heal at the rate expected.

If Randy Orton retires, then it will put an end to one of the most legendary WWE runs and send one of the best WWE Champions of all time into an early retirement, at the age of just 43.

Randy Orton Retiring?

Randy Orton could retire as a 14-time WWE Champion in WWE

A report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that WWE are concerned about Randy Orton’s current injury and that there is a fear by some that the 14 time World Champion could be faced with an impending retirement if things do not get better.

Dave Meltzer wrote “There is a lot of concern regarding Orton’s back injury and its severity”, with other sources suggesting that an early retirement could be an issue for the 41 year old WWE legend. Orton may have to undergo surgery for his back injury, which would obviously add considerable time to his recovery period.

Meanwhile, a recent interview with Randy Orton’s father, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, has revealed that the doctors have suggested that The Legend Killer should retire from wrestling, due to his back injury.

He revealed that, while he is currently training, it looks like Randy Orton’s wrestling career could be over.

“He’s training, so you know we’ll see what happens.” Bob Orton said, “I don’t know if he feels like going back, or if it feels like he’s ready to go back. I think he might, but okay, then again he’s pretty well taken care of. I don’t think he needs to, and I think the doctors have told him not to.”

His injury came at a horrible time for Randy Orton, who was on one of his best runs in years prior to suffering a back injury. He was teaming with Matt Riddle in the beloved tag team “RK-Bro” and was set to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Summerslam.

He has been out of action since May and hasn’t wrestled since the 20th May 2022 edition of Friday Night Smackdown. In that match, RK-Bro were defeated by The Uso’s in a match to unify the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Some reports at the time suggested that Randy Orton’s side were supposed to win the match, but due to the injury the finish was changed on the fly, and the titles handed to The Uso’s.

Randy Orton has previously hinted about his retirement and about how he wanted to stay involved in wrestling, so hopefully this serious injury won’t harm his plans and force him to retire early.

He still has a lot to offer to the business and is only two championship reigns away from the record of 16 World Championship reigns (held jointly by John Cena and Ric Flair). He is currently tied with Triple H, who is also on 14 World title reigns in the WWE.

Randy Orton is currently not retired from WWE and is hoping to return to the ring ASAP. However, when he does hang up his boots, he is certain to be a WWE Hall of Fame headliner and lead his class into the hallowed halls.

He will join his fellow Evolution members Triple H, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels by being inducted, as well as his former Rated-RKO Teammate Edge by going into the Hall of Fame after retirement (although Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Edge have all wrestled since their retirement.

He Has Undergone Surgery Which Could Force Him Into Retirement

Fightful Select has reported that Randy Orton has undergone surgery to fuse his lower back. The procedure will keep the multi-time world champion out of action for a significant period, possibly even forcing him into retirement.

Sources close to Fightful said that the company would be lucky to have Orton back after the injury at all, considering the severity of the injury and the length of Orton’s career (He is coming up to 20 years on the WWE main roster and has missed very little time with injury thus far). It has so far not been reported where or when the surgery took place, now how Orton is feeling after it.

There is no current plans for his immediate return and Triple H has not figured his former Evolution teammate into his creative plans going forward. Some thought he could make a return at the Royal Rumble but that seems unlikely given this current news. Randy Orton could retire due to this injury, which would be a sad end to a glistening career of one of the all-time greats.

Fun Fact! – Ric Flair wrestled his last match (July 31st, 2022) more recently than the rest of his former Evolution Teammates (Batista, Randy Orton and Batista).

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