October 19, 2021

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Randy Orton’s Best Matches in WWE you NEED to see!

3. Randy Orton vs Edge – Backlash 2020 (Greatest Wrestling Match Ever)

While this match not live up to the the billing as the greatest wrestling match ever, it is on the list of best Randy Orton matches. The build for this match was laughable, and frankly people did not want to see Edge to return to WWE just to fight Orton. The pair fought in an comically long last man standing match at Wrestlemania 36, where Edge defeated Randy Orton. You’d have thought that it would be the end of the feud, but at the next pay per view, they fought again.

In a match billed as “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, the pair had an extraordinary label to live up to. It seemed very stupid to bill this match as the best ever before Randy Orton and Edge set foot into the ring. And, no it wasn’t the greatest match ever. But it was a damn good match.

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

The pair threw everything at each other, and left everything in the ring. Both men hit all their signature moves, even hitting the moves of some past legends. Rock Bottoms and Stone Cold Stunners were thrown out in a surprisingly great match. Randy Orton was the winner in the best of their two matches.

Sadly, the match took too much out of Edge. He came down with a severe injury, which kept him out of action until he would return at the Royal Rumble the next year. Luckily. he won that Royal Rumble, and went to to Wrestlemania to face Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan…