October 19, 2021

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Randy Orton’s Best Matches in WWE you NEED to see!

2. Randy Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan – Wrestlemania XXX

The penultimate match on the list of best Randy Orton matches is one that was nearly a year in the making. From Summerslam 2013 to Wrestlemania XXX, Randy Orton and the Authority were involved in a rivalry with Daniel Bryan. Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, with the help of Triple H, to win the WWE Championship off Daniel Bryan.

After many months of feuding, Orton would regain the title and win the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena. In the mean time, Daniel Bryan had become the most popular man in wrestling. Fans were outraged when he was excluded from the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Fans chanted his name all match, and when Rey Mysterio entered at number 30, fans booed the luchador for the first time in his WWE career. Batista would win the match, and go on to face Orton at Wrestlemania.

Yes, Yes, Yes!

However, in the opener of Wrestlemania XXX, Bryan would defeat Triple H to earn his spot in the main event. The match was made a triple threat, with Randy Orton defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Bryan and Batista.

The match itself was a fantastic bout. Orton and Batista worked together to take out Bryan, before turning on each other. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

Interference from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon added more tension to the match, and the trio in the match worked a match each men could call one of their best matches. It is certainly one of Bryan Danielson’s best matches.