October 19, 2021

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Randy Orton’s Best Matches in WWE you NEED to see!

1. Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack – Backlash 2004 (Falls Count Anywhere)

First on this list and the best Randy Orton matches is his clash with the dangerous Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack is one of Mick Foley’s alter ego’s, and the one he became famous with in Japan and in ECW.

The brutal. barbed wire bat weirdly maniac showed no rumoured when inflicting huge amounts of pain on his opponents.

The match was an extension of the Evolution vs Rock ‘n’ Sock connection match that happened at Wrestlemania that year. The match was contested under falls count anywhere rules.

This means that there are no DQ’s, no count outs, and pin falls and submissions can take place anywhere in the arena. Foley took on his Cactus Jack persona for this match, signifying that it would be grueseme.

Gruesome it was. Chairs, baking sheets, thumbtacks and barbed wire were the stars of the show. Randy Orton took as good as he gave, being hit by “Barbie” and being thrown into thumb tacks from an RKO attempt.

Foley even threw the third generation superstar off the stag, through a table, before elbow dropping himself on top of him from 10 feet in the air.

Randy Orton would win the match with an RKO into the thumb tacks. It would establish his legendary “Legend Killer” gimmick, and Mick Foley would call it “the best match of his career”.

What did you think? What is your favourite on the list of the best Randy Orton matches? Comment below and let me know if there’s any more matches you prefer from “The Viper”!