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rey mysterio gifts

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Are you looking for Rey Mysterio Gifts? Keep a look out in this article for Rey Mysterio Action Figures, Rey Mysterio masks and other Rey Mysterio merchandise that would make a perfect gift for any WWE fan.

Rey Mysterio is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history. His look is so iconic that many fans have never seen Rey Mysterio without his mask, and he has entertained fans in the ring for nearly 30 years since he was 13 years old.

Whether it be masks, t shirts or Rey Mysterio action figures, Rey Mysterio merchandise is always a perfect gift for any WWE fan. Here we will talk you through some of the best Rey Mysterio gifts you can buy for a WWE fan who loves the Mexican Luchador and cannot wait to see their favourite wrestler again at the next WWE event in your area.

Rey Mysterio Action Figures

rey mysterio action figures

A Rey Mysterio action figure is the perfect gift for any young WWE fan. WWE action figures are some of the most accurate representations of WWE superstars the company has ever made, with an incredible number of points of articulation that allow you to recreate all your favourite matches!

The WWE Rey Mysterio Elite Collection Series 89 is the latest in the WWE action figure set. It is the latest and most accurate Rey Mysterio action figure. It is based on his attire shortly after Extreme Rules 2020, with his mesh-covered eye in his mask due to his loss in the “Eye for an Eye” match against Seth Rollins at the event.

The Rey Mysterio Action figure comes with two accessories. It comes with a Rey Mysterio official shirt and gloves and is the latest addition to the WWE Elite series.

This figure can be paired with the Dominik Mysterio action figure to complete The Mysterio’s tag team, or with a Seth Rollins Elite Collection Series 87 action figure to recreate their incredible match from Extreme Rules 2020.

Click below to see the Amazon page for these action figures.

Rey Mysterio Masks

One of the most popular pieces of WWE merchandise is the Rey Mysterio Mask. Having worn the mask for nearly 30 years, Rey Mysterio and his mask have become synonyms and is one of the most recognisable things in all of wrestling.

The Mexican Luchador is proud of the heritage of his mask, worn by his uncle during his own wrestling career. It is an incredibly popular product and a guaranteed incredible present for any WWE fan, young or old.

Just as Rey Mysterio does on WWE television, there are many different colours of Rey Mysterio Masks to choose from. Click down below on the colour which you think you would like for a Rey Mysterio mask to take you to the Amazon page for that mask.

Rey Mysterio Gifts

Other incredible value Rey Mysterio gifts are available.

The Rey Mysterio Funko Pop is perfect for WWE fans and collectors alike. Any Funko Pop collecting will be begging for this to be a part of their collection, and fans of WWE will love to have their own representation of Rey Mysterio on display in their home.

The Rey Mysterio book, Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask is a book about the life and career of Rey Mysterio. It details his journey in wrestling from his start in Mexico to becoming the world champion in WWE. It is a great read for fans of both Rey Mysterio and wrestling fans alike.

Rey Mysterio – The Biggest Little Man is a 3 disk collection featuring all of Rey Mysterio’s greatest matches, including never before seen footage and never before heard commentary from Rey Mysterio himself. For fans of great wrestling, this DVD is a must.

All those items are available for purchase on Amazon. Click their images below to go to their Amazon page.

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