Seth Rollins set for huge “Major Attraction” match at Wrestlemania

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins is set for a “Major Attraction” match at Wrestlemania 38. This comes after the rumoured bout against Shane McMahon at the event was cancelled when Shane McMahon was fired after his Royal Rumble antics affected the show.

According to some sources, the match between Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon was set to be one of the highest profile matches on the card. Seth Rollins is one of WWE’s most popular stars, whilst Shane McMahon is a star of the Attitude Era who has remained popular with fans throughout.

Now that Shane McMahon is out of the WWE, the question begs – why will Seth Rollins face at Wrestlemania. While some will be hoping that he is taking on Bobby Lashley at the Grandaddy of them all, the reality is slightly different.

According to WrestleVotes, sources have confirmed that Shane McMahon’s Wrestlemania match against Seth Rollins was set to be at the “Top of the card”, and that WWE is looking at a “major attraction” match for the former Shield member to take part in.

In that same tweet, they claim that the Wrestlemania card is in “complete flux”, as is consistent with rumours that WWE itself hasn’t planned most of the matches for the biggest show of the year.

Currently, the only two matches confirmed for Wrestlemania are Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey, and Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar. Other rumoured matches include Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville, and Kevin Owens vs Edge, although neither matches have been confirmed yet by WWE.

Did you know the original plan for Wrestlemania 30 was a lot different than what we got to see?

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