Shane McMahon set for WWE return?

Shane McMahon has not wrestled for WWE since he was defeated at Wrestlemania 36 by Braun Strowman. The pair fought inside a Steel Cage after a 3 month long feud, and Shane has not been seen since. When is Shane McMahon coming back to WWE? Shane McMahon’s WWE return is currently unknown but there is some information regarding his return to WWE.

When is Shane McMahon returning to WWE?

Despite reports that Shane McMahon had been let go by WWE, it has been confirmed that he is still under contract with his father, Vince McMahon‘s, promotion. However, Shane McMahon does not hold a backstage role in WWE.

He previously held the role of WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Media. However, he resigned from the role in 2009 due to “realizing that his father Vince, saw his sister Stephanie and her husband Triple H as the heirs to the throne” and “was tired of his father Vince, overlooking his ideas”.

This was in reference to things like the ECW reboot, which McMahon original pitched as being similar to NXT, utilising WWE’s streaming service. This model would be later copied by Triple H with NXT in 2012.

It is confirmed that Shane McMahon is still currently under contract as a talent in WWE. However, there are currently no plans to bring him back in the near future, with a match at the upcoming Wrestlemania 38 looking unlikely.

He was last seen on WWE TV at Wrestlemania 36 in a steel cage match against Braun Strowman, in which Strowman won. Sadly, whilst Shane has not been seen in almost a year, Strowman has also been absent from WWE TV, being released by the company in June 2021.

Relationships with Vince

Since his return in 2016, Shane McMahon has worked almost exclusively in front of the camera. The only backstage role he had was a brief stint as a producer in 2020, which he has since abandoned. The relationship between Shane and the rest of the family is a fractious one, which is one of the reasons behind his lack of executive role backstage.

In a recent interview, former WWE referee Mike Chioda revealed all about the crumbling relationships of the McMahon family.

“It’s sad because when I started working for this company, there was Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Stephanie McMahon and now it seems to be all broken apart,” Chioda said,

“All the money in the world probably can’t fix it.  They have all the money in the world, a publicly-traded company, which is ok.” Chioda said, before adding.

“The family is torn apart at this point, I think.  Maybe not torn apart all the way, which I hope not. But it’s torn apart.”

It’s sad to see any family torn apart, let alone one that has entertained millions around the world for over 30 years together. Hopefully one day Shane McMahon will return to WWE and reconcile with his father, as so many thought had happened when Shane returned in 2016.

Chioda also noted that it was Stephanie McMahon dating Triple H which began the tension between Shane and the family.

“That’s why the feud fell out, that’s for sure,” Chioda recalled. “It was a thing from Vince Sr. that came around many years ago.  They didn’t want anybody dating talent, none of the kids, and none of their family.  He didn’t want them taking bumps, which that didn’t happen.  I think Shane really had a big part of that and that’s why Shane and Triple H had a falling out for many years, and that’s why Shane was exiled for 10 years.”

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