October 19, 2021

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Top 10 WWE Dream Matches that Should Have Happened But Never did

6. Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart

Bret Hart and Kurt Angle will go down as two of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. The Hitman’s career was cut short by injury in 2000 by Goldberg, but was approached by Kurt Angle prior to Wrestlemania 20 to see if he’d like to dance one more time.

Hart declined however, being unable to wrestle. He was unable to take any bumps at all due to his multiple concussions, and would not be cleared to wrestle a full much.

Angle said he wouldn’t have to a take a bump at all, but Hart declined, saying “Nah, it won’t be the Bret Hart match that I want to be and I can’t do that

So, I understood why Bret didn’t want to do it. Because he had the stroke and he had a lot of bad luck, you know, some things happened that made it medically difficult for him to come back and be at his very best. I told him, you know, listen, you didn’t even have to bump at all. I’ll do all the bumping and he was like, ‘Nah, it won’t be the Bret Hart match that I want to be and I can’t do that

Kurt Angle

5. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs CM Punk

While this match seems like a “cross generations” match, there was a moment in time where it could have happened, according to CM Punk.

A confrontation between the pair on a backstage segment fuelled the fire for a match between the two. A further interview by Jim Ross to promote WWE 13 made fans sure that the match was going to happen.

Despite being top of the fans wishlist, Austin stayed retired and we never got the “Straight-Edge Superstar” going up against the Beer swilling “Texas Rattlesnake”. Who knows how the bout would have gone, but Punk and Austin certainly had their ideas on Twitter.