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WWE Star suffers injury, set to miss Royal Rumble

WWE Star and King of the Ring Xavier Woods has revealed he suffered an injury that will force him to miss the WWE Royal Rumble. Woods, who also goes by the name Austin Creed, revealed that he tore his plantaris (the muscle beneath his calf) during a recent match which he did not mention who it was against.

Woods, who won the King of the Ring crown in Saudi Arabia late last year, revealed the injury on an episode of the G4’s Attack the Show, the TV show he helps host. Whilst sat on his King of the Ring throne, Woods, he explained the injury he suffered and how it occurred. On the episode, he also moved around on a scooter, showing that the injury was definitely not a work and was legitimate.

Xavier Woods on his injury

“Yeah, so I was jumping in the ring to do a DDT,” started Woods. “I spring off the bottom rope and grab the guy and then run his head into the ground hopefully shattering all the bones in his body so I can pin him and win the match, and make more money. So I did that part still but in the process — No, just jumping off the rope, so nothing like — not a shark attack, not a steel chair hit, not a machine gun, not a machete. I just jumped.”

Woods then added,

“I still had some stuff to do. But in those situations, you’ve got to figure out like, ‘Am I hurt to the point where I can no longer like go forward? Am I hurt to the point where I could mess up and possibly negatively affect someone else’s health?’ You gotta keep everybody safe in there, and I was okay. You know, this sucks. I can’t do this or that but I can do this for this. We finished everything and it’s all cool. So, like, four to six weeks, and I’ll be good.”

With the “four to six weeks” timetable Woods claimed, it looks like he will miss the 2022 Royal Rumble. Woods had recently had some matches with Universal Champion Roman Reigns, so there was a chance he could have won the Royal Rumbel match and gone on to face Reigns at Wrestlemania. He is currently the only member of the New Day to not win a World Championship, with both Kofi Kingston and Big E winning the WWE Championship.

Hopefully Xavier Woods can heal quickly and come back to be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match.

H/T: Fightful

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